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At JINYE, we take pride in being a leading player in the PPE product industry, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality aprons. Our extensive range includes Disposable PE Aprons, PVC Aprons, TPU Aprons, Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs, and Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on meeting the diverse needs of our clients, JINYE stands out as a reliable source of top-notch protective gear. Explore our range and experience the quality that sets us apart in the world of PPE.

Disposable PE Apron

Product Overview:

Product Name: Disposable PE Apron

Material: PE, LDPE, HDPE

Thickness: 0.018 mm, 0.020mm, 0.025mm

Size: 24×42cm,28×46cm,36×52cm,or customized

Color:  Blue, yellow, white or customized

Application:  Factory, home cleaning, restaurant, hospital, outdoor, etc

Product Name: PVC Apron

Material: PVC

Size: 70X120cm, 69*107cm, 71*117cm, 76*122cm, 80*135cm,  110cm x 90cm, etc.

Color:  White, Blue, Yellow, Green

Feature:  Heavy Weight, Water Proof,  Anti Oil, Anti Acid, Anti Alkali

Application: Food and Chemical Processing Plants, Kitchen, Safety & Protective, Advertising, Garden, Food industry, beauty, hospital , dental, hygiene, catering food, etc

Product Name: TPU Apron

Material: 100% TPU

Size:110cm x 80cm,110cm x 90cm , 120cm x 80cm ,120cm x 90cm or customized size

Color: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Clear, Blue, Green, Custom

Features: Anti-dirty, Waterproof, Light and comfortable, Washable, permanent flexibility

Usage: Food processing, Garden, Maternity, industry

Product Name: Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs

Material:  PE film + paper or PE film + nonwoven

Style:  With pocket or not 

Size: 40*60cm , 40x50cm ,35x65cm ,customized

Color:  Blue, White, or customized

Usage: Dental, Medical, Beauty Saloon, Restaurant, home, hospital, nursing home

Product Name: Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Apron

Material: 2-ply paper + 1-ply poly film or 1-ply paper+ 1-ply poly film

Size: 40*40cm, 40*60cm or customized

Style: With or Without a Tie

Color:  White, yellow, pink, green, blue, black, etc

Features: Waterproof, soft, light, non-toxic, breathable, comfortable and easy to wear

Application:Hospital, Dentist clinic, Salon

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Disposable PE Apron
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The Application Of JINYE Aprons

JINYE’s diverse apron range caters to a spectrum of industries, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your specific needs. Explore our aprons and discover the right blend of functionality and protection for your workplace.

Disposable PE Apron

Disposable PE Aprons:
Ideal for short-term use, Disposable PE Aprons find their applications in the food industry, healthcare settings, and laboratories. These aprons provide a protective barrier, ensuring hygiene and safety in environments where cleanliness is paramount.

PVC Aprons:
With robust resistance to chemicals and liquids, PVC Aprons are perfect for industrial settings. They are commonly used in chemical laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and any workplace where protection against spills and splashes is essential.

TPU Aprons:
TPU Aprons combine durability with flexibility, making them suitable for tasks that require both comfort and protection. Their applications range from light industrial work to medical settings, where a balance of resilience and ease of movement is crucial.

Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs:
Designed for use in healthcare, elderly care, and dining scenarios, Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs offer reliable protection against spills and stains. These bibs ensure cleanliness and comfort for individuals, providing a practical solution in caregiving environments.

Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons:
Tailored for the dental profession, Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons are essential in maintaining a sterile environment. These aprons protect both patients and dental professionals from potential contaminants, contributing to a safe and hygienic dental practice.

The Advantages of JINYE Aprons

JINYE aprons stand out not only for their quality and functionality but also for the thoughtful features that make them the preferred choice in various industries. Experience the advantages of our aprons and elevate your safety standards today.

Disposable PE Aprons:
Lightweight and Cost-Effective: Disposable PE Aprons offer a cost-effective solution for short-term use without compromising on protection.
Waterproof: Designed to repel liquids, they provide an effective barrier against spills and splashes.

PVC Aprons:
Chemical Resistance: PVC Aprons excel in environments where exposure to chemicals is a concern, ensuring optimal protection against corrosive substances.
Durable: Known for their durability, PVC aprons offer long-lasting performance in demanding industrial settings.

TPU Aprons:
Flexibility and Comfort: TPU Aprons combine durability with flexibility, providing a comfortable wearing experience while maintaining a high level of protection.
Multi-Functional: Suitable for a variety of tasks, TPU Aprons adapt to different work environments with ease.


Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Apron
PPE factory

Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs:
Disposable Convenience: Offering a practical solution for caregiving scenarios, Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs are easy to use and dispose of after use.
Waterproof and Stain-Resistant: These bibs ensure cleanliness and protect against spills, enhancing the overall care experience.

Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons:
Sterile Protection: Designed for dental practices, Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons provide a sterile barrier, safeguarding both patients and professionals.
Easy to Use: Convenient and easy to wear, these aprons contribute to maintaining a clean and hygienic dental environment.

How to Choose Aprons Correctly

By considering these factors and understanding the unique features of each apron type, you can make an informed decision that aligns with the requirements of your work environment. At JINYE, we offer a diverse range of aprons to cater to various needs, ensuring that you find the perfect balance of functionality and protection.

Type of Material:
Different tasks require different materials. For instance, if you are working with chemicals, PVC aprons with chemical resistance, like our JINYE PVC Aprons, would be the ideal choice.
In food preparation, Disposable PE Aprons provide a hygienic and cost-effective solution.

Durability and Longevity:
Assess the durability of the apron based on the demands of your work environment. In industrial settings, where durability is paramount, opt for robust materials like PVC or TPU.
For short-term use or one-time events, Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs offer convenience without compromising protection.

Comfort and Flexibility:
Consider the flexibility and comfort of the apron material, especially if the wearer needs to move freely during tasks. TPU Aprons from JINYE balance flexibility and protection, making them suitable for a range of activities.

Application-Specific Features:
Tailor your choice based on specific features needed for your application. Dental professionals may prioritize Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons for their sterile properties, maintaining a clean environment during procedures.

Disposable vs. Reusable:
Decide whether a disposable or reusable option suits your needs. While Disposable PE Aprons and Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs offer convenience and easy disposal, PVC and TPU Aprons provide a reusable, cost-effective solution for longer-term use.

PVC Apron
Disposable PE Apron

The Versatility of Disposable PE Aprons in Modern Healthcare

The widespread adoption of Disposable PE Aprons in the healthcare sector reflects their indispensable role in ensuring safety, hygiene, and efficiency.

Infection Control Measures:
Disposable PE Aprons play a pivotal role in infection control, acting as a crucial barrier against contaminants. In healthcare settings, where hygiene is paramount, these aprons are widely used by medical professionals to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Patient Care and Comfort:
Beyond protection for medical staff, Disposable PE Aprons contribute to patient care and comfort. During medical examinations or procedures, these aprons are utilized to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for patients, enhancing their overall experience.

Emergency Response Scenarios:
The disposable nature of PE Aprons makes them an ideal choice in emergency response situations. First responders and healthcare providers can quickly access and utilize these aprons, ensuring a rapid response to critical situations without compromising on safety.

Convenience and Accessibility:
Disposable PE Aprons are known for their convenience and accessibility. They are easy to store, distribute, and dispose of, making them a practical choice for healthcare facilities of all sizes. This convenience has made them a popular choice among medical professionals globally.

Versatility in Medical Specialties:
From general healthcare practices to specialized medical fields, Disposable PE Aprons showcase remarkable versatility. Whether used in dental offices, clinics, or hospitals, these aprons offer a reliable solution for maintaining a sterile environment across various medical specialties.

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Why Choose JINYE Aprons

At JINYE, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our apron manufacturing process. Our aprons undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. For example, our PVC Aprons are crafted from premium materials, providing exceptional chemical resistance and durability in demanding industrial environments.

JINYE offers a diverse range of aprons to cater to various industries and applications. Whether you need Disposable PE Aprons for short-term use, TPU Aprons for flexibility and comfort, or specialized Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons, our product range is designed to meet your specific needs.

Disposable PE Apron
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Our Factory and Team: Crafting Quality Aprons for Your Safety

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adheres to stringent quality control measures. For instance, our production line for Disposable PE Aprons ensures precision and efficiency, guaranteeing a consistent standard for every apron produced.

JINYE takes pride in its team of skilled and experienced professionals who are experts in PPE manufacturing. From design to production, our team ensures that each apron meets the industry’s highest standards. Our experienced technicians oversee the production of specialized aprons such as Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Aprons

Yes, Disposable PE Aprons are ideal for food handling, providing a cost-effective and hygienic solution.

PVC Aprons offer excellent chemical resistance, making them ideal for industrial settings where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.

Absolutely, TPU Aprons are designed for a range of tasks and provide a balance of durability and flexibility, making them suitable for medical professionals.

Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs protect against spills and stains, providing a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness in caregiving environments.

Yes, Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons are designed to maintain a sterile environment, making them suitable for dental procedures.

Yes, JINYE offers customizable solutions to meet specific requirements, tailoring gauze for various medical applications.

PVC Aprons are widely used in industries such as chemical manufacturing, laboratories, and other settings where protection against chemical exposure is crucial.

Yes, Disposable Waterproof Adult Bibs are commonly used in healthcare settings to protect patients and maintain cleanliness during various procedures.

Yes, PVC Aprons provide resistance to oil and grease, making them suitable for applications where these substances are present.

Yes, Disposable Dental Bibs/Dental Aprons can be used in various dental procedures, including orthodontic treatments.


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