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Product Overview:

Disposable Medical Butterfly Blood Collection Needle


Material: PP+stainless Steel

Needle Gauge: 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G

Color: Pink, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue

Application: Blood Sampling

Disposable Medical Pen-Type Blood Collection Needle


Material: Medical Stainless Steel, PP

Specification: 18G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G

Color: Pink, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue

Advantage: latex-free, penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers

Disposable Medical Blood Collection Needle ( With Holder )


Material:  PP, SUS304, ABS

Size: 0.9×19

Color: Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Grey

Usage: Blood Sampling

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The Composition Of Disposable Medical Butterfly Blood Collection Needle

The Butterfly Blood Collection Needle is composed of a venipuncture needle, a venipuncture needle cover, a needle handle, tubing, a connector base, a tube plug with a puncture needle, and a tube plug with a puncture needle cover.

Butterfly Blood Collection Needle


Left picture:

1. Venipuncture End Needle Base            2. Tubing Base

3. Protective Cap                                         4. Wings

5. Venipuncture End Protective Cap         6. Venipuncture End Needle Tube

7. Tubing                                                        8. Connector End Needle Base

9. Connector Base                                       10. Connector Base

11. Connector End Needle Tube

Advantages of Disposable Medical Butterfly Blood Collection Needle

Product Model: Butterfly Wing Type

Application: Used in conjunction with disposable vacuum blood collection tubes for collecting blood samples from the human body for testing purposes.

1. Stainless steel needle with a smooth beveled edge for easy puncture and minimal pain.

2.The soft tubing is approximately 17cm long and made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for a clean and smooth surface with no impurities.

3.Featuring an anti-slip texture for a secure grip when connecting to blood collection tubes.

4.Individually packaged for thorough sterilization with ethylene oxide.

5.Designed for slip resistance, it is easy to use when connecting to blood collection tubes.

6.Equipped with a safety lock to securely protect the needle, preventing accidental needlesticks and ensuring the safety of healthcare providers and patients.

How to Use a Medical Venous Blood Collection Needle

1. Apply a tourniquet with moderate tightness around the upper arm. (If too loose, it may not provide enough pressure, and if too tight or too low, it may cause hematoma at the puncture site).

2. Disinfect the skin in a circular motion from the inside to the outside of the puncture site.

3. Choose an appropriate disposable venous blood collection needle. After the disinfectant has air-dried naturally, proceed with the puncture.

During the puncture, use your left hand to stabilize the patient’s upper arm and insert the needle quickly at a 15-30° angle. Once inside the blood vessel, puncture the rubber stopper of the collection tube with the side needle of the blood collection needle. Due to the negative pressure inside the collection tube, blood will flow automatically into the tube.

If multiple tubes are needed, try to follow this sequence for blood collection: red tube (yellow tube), blue tube, black tube, green tube, purple tube, gray tube, to avoid affecting test results.

4. After completing the blood collection, remove the collection tube and gently press the puncture site with a cotton swab or cotton ball. At the same time, quickly withdraw the needle. Instruct the patient to apply pressure to stop bleeding for 10 minutes or until bleeding stops completely. Invert and mix the collection tubes containing additives rapidly 5-6 times (try to invert and mix as soon as possible during blood collection).

5. Place the used disposable venous blood collection needle in a designated sharps container for disposal.

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Medical Pen-Type Blood Collection Needle VS Butterfly Blood Collection Needle

 Pen-TypeButterfly Needle
Accuracy of Blood Collection VolumeNo dead space, and accurate blood collection volume.The presence of tubing can lead to a 0.4ml dead space, resulting in insufficient blood collection in the first tube.
Hemolysis and Clotting OccurrenceFast blood flow during collection, minimal hemolysis, and rare clotting due to rapid entry of blood into anticoagulant-treated collection tubes.Slow blood flow may lead to increased hemolysis, and clotting is more likely to occur as the tubing lacks anticoagulants.
Environmental ContaminationNo blood leakage when the needle is detached from the holder.The connection between the tubing and the sealed rubber sheath around the needle is prone to blood leakage. After multiple punctures (more than 5 times), the risk of blood leakage increases.
Risk of Needlestick InjuriesNeedlestick injuries are less likely when using a holder.During blood collection, there is a risk of puncturing the hand while changing collection tubes and the presence of tubing increases the risk when disposing of the needle.
Choice of Puncture SiteSuitable for selecting thick, straight, and elastic veins, ideal for obese patients and deep vein punctures.More suitable for individuals with challenging vein conditions. However, the length of the needle may be limited for obese patients or deep vein punctures.


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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Medical Blood Collection Needles

Yes, most blood collection needles are designed for single use to prevent contamination and ensure safety.

There are various types, including butterfly needles, pen-type needles, and regular straight needles.

The pain experienced during blood collection varies from person to person, but modern needles are designed to minimize discomfort.

Some needles may contain latex, so it's important to check for latex allergies.

Used needles should be placed in a sharps container for safe disposal.

Reusing needles can lead to infection transmission and inaccurate test results.

Yes, many needles have safety mechanisms to prevent accidental needlestick injuries.

Continue applying pressure and seek medical attention if bleeding persists.

Blood donation typically uses larger needles and bags designed for collecting more significant volumes of blood.

Yes, lancets are typically smaller and designed for capillary blood sampling, while blood collection needles are for venous blood collection.

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