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medical disposable Infusion Sets

Product Overview:

Disposable Medical Infusion Sets

Material: Medical grade PVC, ABS, PP, PE

Length: 120cm, 150cm, 160cm, 200cm

Color:  Transparent

Drop Type: 20drops/ml

Needle: With or without needle 

The Medical Infusion Sets are designed to ensure seamless and safe delivery of fluids in medical applications. Each set features a high-quality infusion needle, facilitating painless injections and smooth flow. With user-friendly design and sterile packaging, our infusion sets offer healthcare professionals and patients peace of mind during treatments.

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Opaque Light Proof Infusion Set

Material: Medical grade PVC, PP

Tube length: 120-150cm or Customized

Filter: with/without filter

Needle Size: 21g/23G

Color: Brown

Style: Luer Slip or Luer lock 

Engineered with advanced light-blocking technology, this Opaque Light-Proof Infusion Set ensures light-sensitive medications remain potent and effective, safeguarding patient well-being. Its innovative design guarantees a seamless and painless infusion process, providing comfort to patients during treatments.

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Precise Filter Infusion Sets

Material: Tube: PVC, Non PVC

                  Chamber: PE

                  Flow Regulator: PE or ABS

Luer Lock: Luer Lock or Luer Slip

Needle: Hypodermic needle/scalp vein set ( with cap )

Application: hospitals and clinics

Designed with state-of-the-art filtering technology, these Precise Filter Infusion Sets guarantee the removal of even the tiniest particles, ensuring patients receive only the purest medications. The advanced filtration system enhances the efficacy of intravenous treatments, preventing blockages and ensuring a smooth flow of medication. These infusion sets are easy to use, making them ideal for both healthcare professionals and patients.

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Infusion Sets with Burette

Material: Medical grade PVC; DEHP free

Tube length: 120cm,150cm, or Customized

Needle connector: Luer slip/Luer lock

Packing: PE or Blister individual packing

For accurate medication delivery, these Infusion Sets with Burette are equipped with a high-visibility burette, allowing healthcare providers to precisely monitor and control intravenous fluid administration. The transparent design enables clear and easy volume readings, ensuring patients receive the prescribed dosage without any discrepancies

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What Is A Infusion Set

infusion set, infusion in hospital

Infusion sets, a common medical device, undergo sterile processing to establish a pathway between veins and medication, facilitating intravenous infusion. Comprising components like venous or injection needles, needle caps, infusion tubing, medication filters, flow regulators, drip chambers, bottle spike piercers, and air filters, infusion sets play a vital role in medical treatment.

Some sets also feature injection ports and medication entry points, ensuring precise and secure administration of intravenous fluids and medications. These sets are fundamental in healthcare, enabling the safe and controlled delivery of essential treatments to patients.

How to Use Infusion Sets Correctly: A Step-by-Step Guide

(1) Before use, check for any packaging damage or loose protective covers. If found, do not use it.
(2) Close the flow regulator, remove the spike piercer cover, and insert it into the infusion bottle. Open the air vent cap (or insert the air vent needle).
(3) Invert the infusion bottle, and gently squeeze the drip chamber until the liquid reaches about halfway.
(4) Release the flow regulator, place the medication filter horizontally, expel any air, and the infusion is ready to begin.
(5) Before use, ensure the infusion needle connection is tight to prevent leakage.
(6) Infusion procedures should be carried out and supervised by qualified healthcare professionals.

Properly following these steps ensures the safe and effective administration of intravenous treatments, guaranteeing patient well-being and the accuracy of medical procedures.

infusion set, infusion in hospital

Common Adverse Events Associated with Infusion Sets and How to Handle Them

During the use of infusion sets, adverse events may occur due to product quality or insoluble particles. These events include breakage, leakage, blockage, foreign particles, cap detachment, chills, and fever.

Handling Adverse Events:

Breakage: Immediately replace the infusion set and inspect for any visible defects.
Leakage: Check connections and tubing for leaks. Tighten connections and, if necessary, change the set.
Blockage: Flush the line with appropriate solutions as per medical guidelines to clear the blockage.
Foreign Particles: Stop the infusion, replace the set, and inform healthcare providers.
Cap Detachment: Discard the set, ensuring the cap is securely attached in the future.
Chills/Fever: Monitor the patient for any signs of infection. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

Proper monitoring and quick action can mitigate these issues, ensuring the safe and effective use of infusion sets.


infusion set, infusion in hospital
infusion set

Key Precautions for Using Infusion Sets

(1) Gravity-Based Infusion Only: Infusion sets are designed for gravity-based infusions and should not be used with other methods.

(2) Check for Product Integrity: Do not use if the product is damaged or the packaging is compromised.

(3) Single-Use Only: Infusion sets are for one-time use. Once opened, they should be used and then discarded properly.

(4) Drop Count Accuracy: 20 drops of distilled water approximately equal 1ml±0.1ml. Ensure accurate measurements during usage.

(5) Suitable Temperature Range: Infusion sets should be used within a temperature range of 10 to 40°C for optimal performance.

(6) Proper Storage and Handling: Store and transport products in a dry, cool, shaded, and pressure-resistant environment to maintain their integrity.

Adhering to these precautions ensures the safe and effective use of infusion sets in medical applications.

Why Use Disposable Light-Proof Infusion Sets

infusion set, infusion in hospital

Disposable light-proof infusion sets, manufactured from medical-grade light-proof materials, are essential to prevent certain medications from undergoing complex physical or chemical reactions due to light exposure during the infusion process. These reactions could alter the composition of the medication, diminishing or entirely negating its therapeutic effects. Furthermore, they might lead to the formation of harmful substances detrimental to the human body.

In clinical practice, it is imperative to choose infusion sets tailored to the specific nature of the medication, ensuring they align with the drug’s properties. This careful selection process mitigates potential risks to patients’ health, ultimately confirming the safety and efficacy of clinical treatments.

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Common Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about disposable Infusion Sets

 Infusion sets are used to administer fluids, medications, or nutrients to patients who cannot take them orally or when rapid absorption is necessary.

No, infusion sets are designed for single use to maintain sterility and prevent infections.

Yes, there are various types of infusion sets, including gravity-fed sets and pump-driven sets, each designed for specific medical needs.

In most cases, patients can move around carefully, but healthcare providers will advise on limitations based on the patient's condition.

Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you experience pain, swelling, or any discomfort at the infusion site.

The flow rate is controlled by adjusting the height of the fluid container or by using a specialized infusion pump.

It depends on the type of infusion. Your healthcare provider will provide specific instructions regarding eating and drinking during the process.

Sterile techniques are used during insertion, and the infusion site is regularly monitored to detect any signs of infection.

An air embolism occurs when air bubbles enter the bloodstream. Proper priming of the infusion set and vigilant monitoring prevent this complication.

Healthcare providers assess the patient's condition, the prescribed medication, and the required infusion rate to select the suitable infusion set.

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