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a partner with more than 10 years of experience in medical

What you need is not only high-quality medical consumables products, but also a partner with more than 10 years of experience in medical filed and professional services to provide you with customized services for over 100 types of consumables.

Our Product Solutions

Blood Collection Solutions

EDTA Tube/Plain Tube/Serum Tube/Heparin Tube/Glucose Tube/ESR Tube/PT Tube/Gel & Clot Activator Tube and each color represents a specific tube type and its intended use.

Test Tube Solutions

Test tube is made of superior PP/PS material, it has a good chemical compatibility.Adapted to storage for most of polar organic solvent, weak acid,weak base.with a tight fitting cap, no rough edges, they are water and air tight, have a good seal.

Measuring Cup Solutions

Made of high quality Food-grade plastic,and safe to directly contact food;Drop-proof & durable to hold heat/cold material,lighter than glass ones,no more worry about breaking or deformation.

Petri Dish

Used for the adherent culture of plant materials, microorganisms and animal cells.Suitable for operations such as inoculation, streaking, and isolation of bacteria, and are mostly used for the cultivation of plant materials.

Our service always leaves no stone unturned

You don’t have to waste time searching endlessly for the medical consumables you are satisfied with, JINYE’s goal is to let you rest easy, we provide you with the medical consumables you need with our professional team and advanced equipment.

We are familiar with the application requirements of different hospital disposable products and can provide you with professional customized solutions.

Why Choose JINYE

JINYE is a company that specializes in medical consumables product customization and solutions.

Since JINYE started medical consumables business, we have been doing professional supply for medical consumables needs and medical services all over the world. Our excellent project management team provides you with full support, including product design and development, production and packaging, quality testing, cargo transportation, customs clearance and other complete services.

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Years Experience

Production process

Below is the production process of our factory, quality and safety are our reputation guarantee

Syringe production process

Production machines

JINYE not only owns advanced production machinery and production lines, but also has a complete supply chain, which is committed to providing customers with the most satisfactory solution.

Warehousing and freight

The following is JINYE’s warehouse stock situation and daily freight delivery, We spare no effort every day to assure that our customers can get the goods as soon as possible.

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