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Gauze bandage, wrinkle bandage, elastic bandage, POP bandage
a partner with more than 10 years of experience in medical

What you need is not only high-quality medical consumables products, but also a partner with more than 10 years of experience in medical filed and professional services to provide you with customized services for over 100 types of consumables.

Our Product Solutions

Bandage Solutions

Suitable for sports, training, outdoor sports, surgery, orthopedics wound dressing, limb fixation, limb sprain, soft tissue injury, joint swelling and pain dressing.

Syringes Solutions

Designed to provide accurate and effective medication dosing in a variety of medical settings.The smooth-gliding plunger provides seamless and consistent pressure for greater patient comfort.

Cotton Balls Solutions

Used in medical institutions for application of medicine, scrubbing, debridement, skin disinfection, and disinfection of medical equipment.Super softness and patient comfort.

Cotton Swabs Solutions

Pure healthy cotton and durable cotton head thar does not easily unravel.Gentle to your skin and items surface.Wood handle is not easy to break, comfortable and safe.

Thermometer Solutions

Quick reading, accurate and reliable Electronic thermometer, glass thermometer, ear thermometer, etc.

First Aid Solutions

Your lifeline in emergencies: Compact, premium-quality Emergency First Aid Kit for comprehensive care and peace of mind.

Infusion Set Solutions

Precision in Healthcare: Our innovative IV infusion system ensures accurate delivery, reliability, and patient comfort.

Plastic Lancet Solutions

Efficiency & Precision: The plastic blood collection needles offer superior safety, comfort, and precision in every draw.

Colostomy Bag Solutions

Seamless Stoma Care: Our colostomy bags provide comfort, discretion, and reliability for uninterrupted daily life.

Hemodialysis Solutions

Revitalize with Precision: The hemodialysis machine provides life-saving blood purification, ensuring renewed vitality and well-being.

Urine Test Solutions

Streamlined Urine Collection: Our containers offer secure, leak-proof storage for accurate diagnostics and healthcare convenience.

Urine Bag Solutions

Confidence in Comfort: The urine bags provide a discreet, reliable collection for enhanced mobility and peace of mind in healthcare.

Electrode Solutions

Precise Cardiac Insights: Our electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes offer accurate readings, promoting heart health and medical diagnosis.

Nursing Pads Solutions

Comfort and Protection: Our nursing pads provide soft, absorbent care, ensuring comfort and hygiene for all-day confidence.

Emergency Blanket Solutions

Life-Saving Warmth: Our emergency blankets offer instant insulation, preserving body heat in critical situations for ultimate survival.

Blood Pressure Solutions

Revitalize with Precision: The hemodialysis machine provides life-saving blood purification, ensuring renewed vitality and well-being.

Sharps Container Solutions

Efficient Medical Waste Management: Our utility box excels in organizing and safely storing medical waste such as syringes and needles.

Insulin Syringe Solutions

Seamless Insulin Delivery: Our insulin syringe ensures precise, painless injections, empowering diabetes management for a healthier life.

Medical Tape Solutions

Gentle yet Secure: Our medical tape offers a delicate, yet firm hold, ensuring comfort and stability in wound care and medical applications.

Wound Dressing Solutions

Advanced Wound Care: Our dressings provide superior protection and healing, promoting comfort and faster recovery for various wounds.

Foley Catheter Solutions

Orthopedic, Abdominal, Ent, Neurosurgery, Microsur, 1-Way, 2-Way, 3-Way, Surgical Clamp, 1-Way, 2-Way, 3-Way

Stomach Tube Solutions

Cap-con Type, T Type, Y type, Plain type; with or wit, Made of medical-grade silicone, Length: 1200±20mm

Blood Bag Solutions

150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml, 400ml, 450ml, 500ml, Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple, Welding blood bag, Extruding blood bag, Medical Grade PVC

Syringe Needle Solutions

30g, 31g, 32g, 34G, 4mm, 6mm, 13mm, 25mm,Fine, Sharp, Smooth, Painless, Material Grade PP

Our service always leaves no stone unturned

You don’t have to waste time searching endlessly for the medical consumables you are satisfied with, JINYE’s goal is to let you rest easy, we provide you with the medical consumables you need with our professional team and advanced equipment.

We are familiar with the application requirements of different hospital disposable products and can provide you with professional customized solutions.

Why Choose JINYE

Uncompromising Quality: Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive medical supplies of the highest quality, every time.

Global Sourcing: With an extensive global network, we connect you to reputable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Tailored Solutions: We understand your specific needs and provide customized solutions to meet them effectively.

Reliability: Count on us for punctual deliveries and consistent product excellence, backed by our solid track record.

Compliance Assurance: Rest easy knowing our products adhere to rigorous industry standards and regulations.

Choose JINYE, your reliable partner in medical consumables manufacturing and supply, for a healthier tomorrow.

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Production process

Below is the production process of our factory, quality and safety are our reputation guarantee

Production machines

JINYE not only owns advanced production machinery and production lines, but also has a complete supply chain, which is committed to providing customers with the most satisfactory solution.

Syringe production process
Medical factory processing equipment

Warehousing and freight

The following is JINYE’s warehouse stock situation and daily freight delivery, We spare no effort every day to assure that our customers can get the goods as soon as possible.

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