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Discover unrivaled quality and reliability with JINYE, a leading name in the realm of PPE. As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of disposable shoe covers, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products that meet the highest industry standards.

At JINYE, we blend innovation with expertise to provide you with cutting-edge solutions for your protective needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the superior design and durability of our disposable shoe covers. Trust us to safeguard your steps with products that prioritize both comfort and protection.

Disposable Shoe Covers

Product Overview:

Product Name: Disposable Non-woven Shoe Cover

Material: PP, SMS, PP + PE

Weight: 25 – 35 GSM PP

Color: White, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple/Red/Green etc.

Application: Home, Lab, Hospital, Travel, Parties, Gardens, Museums, Workplaces, etc

Product Name: Disposable PE Shoe Cover

Material: PE

Size: 15x38cm, 17x40cm, single & double elastic

Color: White, Blue, or as requested

Application: Home, pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial sector, painting, Travel, Party Indoor or Outdoor

Product Name: Disposable CPE Shoe Cover

Material: CPE

Size: 15x38cm,15x41cm, 17x42cm…

Color:  Green, Blue, White or customized

Application: Hospital, factory, laboratory, workshop, etc

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Application Of Disposable Shoe Covers

JINYE’s disposable shoe covers offer a versatile solution for diverse needs, combining practicality and protection across different sectors.

Disposable Shoe Covers

Medical Settings: In hospitals and healthcare facilities, our shoe covers ensure a hygienic environment, preventing the spread of contaminants and maintaining sterile conditions.

Household Use: Safeguard your home from dirt and potential allergens. Whether you’re moving, cleaning, or dealing with outdoor elements, our disposable shoe covers keep your living spaces clean.

Laboratories: Maintain the integrity of experiments and research by utilizing our shoe covers in laboratories. Protect against cross-contamination and uphold the highest standards of hygiene.

Manufacturing and Factories: In industrial settings, where cleanliness is crucial, our disposable shoe covers act as a barrier against dust, chemicals, and other particles, ensuring both worker safety and product integrity.

Food Industry: From food processing to catering, our shoe covers play a vital role in maintaining hygiene standards. Keep workspaces clean and comply with health regulations effortlessly.

Advantages of Disposable Shoe Covers

JINYE’s disposable shoe covers embody these advantages, offering a practical and effective solution across various sectors.

1. Hygiene Assurance: Disposable shoe covers provide a hygienic barrier, preventing the transfer of contaminants from footwear to clean environments. For example, in healthcare settings, they help maintain sterile conditions during surgeries.

2. Cost-Effective: They are a cost-effective solution compared to reusable alternatives. For instance, in industries where frequent changes are required, such as food processing, the cost efficiency becomes evident.

3. Time Efficiency: Easily disposable, these shoe covers save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning and maintaining reusable covers. This is particularly beneficial in fast-paced environments like laboratories.

4. Convenience: With no need for cleaning or storage, disposable shoe covers offer unmatched convenience. For instance, in real estate, they are convenient during open houses to keep floors clean without added hassle.

5. Cross-Contamination Prevention: Disposable shoe covers prevent cross-contamination between different areas, crucial in environments like cleanrooms, where any contamination can compromise sensitive processes.


6. Versatility: They are suitable for various shoe sizes and styles, providing a universal fit. This versatility ensures ease of use across different industries and applications, like construction sites with diverse footwear.

7. Environmentally Friendly Options: Some disposable shoe covers are made from eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability. This is beneficial in settings where environmental responsibility is a priority, such as eco-conscious events.

Things To Note When Using Disposable Shoe Covers

While disposable shoe covers offer convenient protection in various settings, it’s essential to keep a few key considerations in mind for their optimal use:

Size Selection: Ensure you choose the right size to achieve a snug fit over your shoes, preventing slips and maintaining effective coverage.

Inspect for Damage: Before use, inspect each disposable shoe cover for any tears, punctures, or defects that may compromise their effectiveness.

Avoid Prolonged Use: Disposable shoe covers are designed for single use. Avoid prolonged use, as extended wear may reduce their protective capabilities.

Dispose Properly: After use, dispose of the shoe covers responsibly, following local waste disposal guidelines. This helps minimize environmental impact.

Donning Order: Put on disposable shoe covers after donning other required PPE to ensure comprehensive protection and prevent contamination.

Storage Conditions: Store disposable shoe covers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their integrity until use.

Choose Appropriate Material: Select shoe covers with materials that suit your specific needs, such as waterproof options for wet environments or chemical-resistant covers for hazardous areas.

Don’t Stretch Beyond Limits: Avoid stretching disposable shoe covers beyond their intended limits, as this may compromise their durability and effectiveness.

Disposable Shoe Covers
Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable Medical Isolation Shoe Covers VS. Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers serve a dual purpose in healthcare and general protection applications. Specifically designed for medical professionals and personnel in contact with potentially infectious materials, medical-grade shoe covers adhere to the YY/T1633-2019 standard. They find applications in scenarios involving exposure to blood, bodily fluids, secretions, and vomit.

Based on user requirements, disposable medical shoe covers offer varying levels of protection. In situations with a high risk of liquid contact, a range of medical shoe covers with enhanced impermeability, including knee-high protective options, can be employed. For instance, high-cut non-woven isolation boot covers boast excellent wear resistance, waterproof breathability, high strength, and robust isolation properties. Importantly, they eliminate the risk of slipping, significantly enhancing user protection.

The outer layer of disposable medical isolation shoe covers is crafted from premium polyethylene film, while the inner layer comprises a composite material of polypropylene non-woven fabric. This combination grants these shoe covers higher strength and barrier properties compared to other types.

Commonly known as shoe covers or shoe guards, these protective items can be easily worn over shoes, providing a convenient alternative to removing footwear and ensuring an uncontaminated environment. They come in various materials, such as non-woven fabric, PE, cloth, anti-static fabric, fleece, rainproof material, and non-slip fabric. Standard disposable shoe covers, often white or blue, typically feature an elastic band at the top for a snug fit around the feet and shoes, maintaining a clean and dust-free environment. They offer user-friendly benefits like slip resistance, anti-static properties, and dust prevention, all at a more economical price point compared to medical-grade alternatives.

In summary, the key distinctions lie in the intended use, material composition, and level of protection provided by disposable medical isolation shoe covers, tailored for healthcare settings, compared to the practical and cost-effective general-purpose disposable shoe covers suitable for various industries.

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Why Choose JINYE Disposable Shoe Covers

Quality Assurance: JINYE is synonymous with uncompromising quality. Our disposable shoe covers meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal protection in various environments.

Diverse Applications: Whether you’re in healthcare, laboratories, manufacturing, or everyday household use, JINYE’s shoe covers provide versatile protection across a spectrum of industries.

Compliance with Standards: Our medical-grade shoe covers adhere to stringent standards, including YY/T1633-2019, guaranteeing their suitability for medical professionals and personnel dealing with potential contamination.

Disposable Shoe Covers
Disposable Shoe Covers
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Common Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Disposable Shoe Covers

Yes, many disposable shoe covers, especially those made with materials like polyethylene, offer waterproof protection.

No, disposable shoe covers are designed for single-use to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.

Industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, laboratories, real estate, and food processing frequently utilize disposable shoe covers.

Yes, medical-grade disposable shoe covers adhere to standards such as YY/T1633-2019, ensuring their suitability for healthcare applications.

Absolutely, disposable shoe covers are designed to accommodate various shoe sizes and styles, including boots.

Yes, high-cut or knee-high disposable shoe covers are available, providing enhanced protection in specific situations.

Most disposable shoe covers come in universal sizes with elastic bands for a secure fit, accommodating a range of shoe sizes.

Yes, disposable shoe covers with high barrier properties are suitable for cleanroom environments to prevent contamination.

Depending on the material, some disposable shoe covers offer protection against chemicals. Check the product specifications for details.

Yes, some manufacturers offer disposable shoe covers in smaller sizes suitable for children.

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