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With 20+ years of industry expertise, we stand as a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality protective gear. Our range extends beyond coveralls; we offer a comprehensive selection including face masks, face shields, disposable gloves, isolation gowns, and surgical attire, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Product Overview:

Disposable SMS Protective Coverall (Non-woven fabric)

Material: SMS (Spunbond + meltblown + spun-bond nonwoven)

Weight: 45-55gsm

Sleeve: long sleeves with elastic cuff

Color: Blue, white, and customized

Style: with hood, elastic at hood, waist, wrists and ankles

The Disposable SMS Protective Coverall offers superior protection with its breathable yet durable fabric. Engineered for comfort and safety, it’s your ideal choice for various environments.

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Disposable PP Protective Coverall

Material: Polypropylene PP(Via extrusion methods to produce melt-blown and spun-bond fibers)

Weight: 35-45gsm

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Blue, white, and customized

Feature:  Breathable, Waterproof, Dustproof

Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, the Disposable PP Protective Coverall ensures reliable defense against contaminants. Lightweight and resilient, it provides optimal protection for your work needs.

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Disposable SF Protective Coverall (PP+PE)

Material: PP with PE coating

Weight: 30-65GSM 

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Blue, white, and customized

Function: Antibacterial, Chemical Liquid Protection

Feature:  Breathable, Waterproof, Dustproof

Combining polypropylene and polyethylene, the Disposable SF Protective Coverall offers a robust shield against hazardous substances. Its innovative design ensures maximum safety without compromising comfort, making it a top choice for professionals.

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Chemical Protective Clothing/Coverall Type 3B

Material: PP+PE

Weight: 70gsm/90gsm

Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Navy Blue, or Customized

Application: Chemical

Style:  Hoods or Collar+ Long sleeves with boots or without or Customized

Engineered for demanding environments, the Chemical Protective Clothing Type 3B guarantees full-body protection against chemicals. Its specialized design offers unparalleled safety, making it the ultimate choice for chemical-related tasks.

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Features Of Disposable Protective Coverall

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Lightweight and Comfortable: The fabric is lightweight, providing comfort and a snug fit, minimizing wrinkles, and effectively preventing the spread of viruses.

Efficient Filtration: Utilizes high-efficiency filtration materials to effectively block harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

Waterproof and Dustproof: Equipped with waterproof, protective, and dustproof features, preventing the intrusion of harmful substances like water and pollutants.

Durable and Breathable: Constructed with durable, corrosion-resistant, and breathable materials, ensuring longevity while allowing air circulation for comfort.

Simple Structure and Easy Wear: Designed with a straightforward structure, allowing free movement while wearing, ensuring it does not hinder work efficiency.

Why Choose JINYE Protective Clothing?

For more than two decades, JINYE has been a pioneering force in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry. Our unwavering commitment to safety and innovation has established us as a leading expert in the field. With an extensive range of products, including protective clothing, isolation gowns, masks, and surgical wear, we cater to diverse PPE needs with precision and excellence.

We understand that different industries have unique safety requirements, and we provide tailored solutions, ensuring each product meets specific needs. protection is our expertise.

Guidelines for Disposable Medical Protective Coverall

When using disposable medical protective clothing, it’s crucial to follow specific guidelines to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. Here are essential points to consider:

Check Compliance with Standards: Disposable medical protective clothing falls under Class II medical devices and must adhere to the GB 19082-2009 standard, outlining the technical requirements for such garments.

Verify Dates and Batch Numbers: Always inspect the clothing for the production date, batch number, and expiration date, ensuring they are clearly labeled.

Confirm Model Specifications: Disposable medical protective clothing comes in various models (160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185). The specific model should be indicated on the packaging for easy identification.

Inspect Overall Appearance: The outer packaging should be tightly sealed. The clothing itself must be dry, clean, and free from mold spots. There should be no adhesions, cracks, holes, punctures, wrinkles, or uneven thickness on the surface.

Examine Connection Points: Connection points on the clothing can be stitched, glued, or heat-sealed. Stitched areas must be tightly sealed, with 8 to 14 stitches per 3 cm, evenly and straight. Glued or heat-sealed parts should be smooth, sealed, and bubble-free. If the protective clothing has zippers, they must not be exposed, and the zipper heads should be self-locking.

Check Closures: Elastic closures should be used at the cuffs and ankles, as well as around the face area and waist. These closures can include drawstrings or fasteners to ensure a secure fit.

By adhering to these guidelines, you guarantee the proper use of disposable medical protective clothing, enhancing safety and infection prevention measures.

Staff wearing white non-woven protective clothing record form data
Disposable SMS Protective Coverall (Non-woven fabric)

Applications of Disposable Medical Protective Clothing/Coverall

Disposable medical protective clothing serves as a crucial barrier for healthcare workers when coming into contact with potentially infectious patients’ blood, bodily fluids, or secretions. This protective gear is designed to cover and shield the torso and limbs. There are two main types: one-piece and two-piece structures. These outfits boast excellent waterproofing, antistatic properties, high filtration efficiency, and are non-irritating to the skin. They are easy to wear and remove, featuring secure joints and elastic cuffs at the wrists and ankles. The technical specifications adhere to the standards outlined in “Technical Requirements for Disposable Medical Protective Clothing” (GB19082-2009).

Applications and Scenarios:

Handling Class A Infectious Patients: Medical staff use disposable protective clothing when interacting with patients infected with Class A communicable diseases.

Dealing with Highly Infectious Diseases: It is essential when handling newly emerging highly infectious diseases such as Ebola virus infection and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) infection.

Addressing Unknown or Newly Emergent Infectious Diseases: In situations involving unknown pathogens or newly emergent infectious diseases with unidentified transmission routes, disposable medical protective clothing is indispensable.

In these scenarios, disposable medical protective clothing provides a vital defense, ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals and minimizing the risk of transmission in challenging medical environments.

Disposable Medical Protective Coverall VS Disposable Isolation Gowns

Disposable SMS Protective Coverall
Medical staff wearing yellow and blue disposable medical isolation gowns

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing:

Disposable medical protective clothing/Protective Coverall is designed for clinical healthcare workers who come into contact with patients’ potentially infectious blood, bodily fluids, or secretions. It provides a barrier and protection during specific medical procedures, including:

Handling Class A Infectious Patients: Healthcare workers use protective clothing when interacting with patients infected with Class A communicable diseases.

Airborne or Droplet-Transmitted Diseases: It is vital when dealing with diseases transmitted through the air or droplets, potentially exposing medical staff to splashes of patients’ blood, bodily fluids, or secretions.

Disposable Isolation Gowns:

Disposable isolation gowns, on the other hand, are utilized in various medical settings such as outpatient departments, hospital wards, and laboratories. They are employed for general isolation purposes and protective measures, including:

Contact-Transmitted Diseases: These gowns are used when interacting with patients who have infectious diseases transmitted through direct contact, such as patients with contagious diseases or multidrug-resistant infections.

Protective Isolation Procedures: Isolation gowns are worn when providing care to patients requiring protective isolation, such as those with extensive burns or undergoing procedures like bone marrow transplants. In such cases, there’s a potential risk of exposure to patients’ blood, bodily fluids, secretions, or excretions.

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Common Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about disposable Protective Coveralls

You should wear a Disposable Protective Coverall when working in environments where there's a risk of exposure to harmful substances, such as chemical spills, biological hazards, or infectious diseases.

Yes, many Disposable Protective Coveralls are designed to be waterproof, providing an additional layer of protection against liquids.

No, Disposable Protective Coveralls are designed for single-use only to ensure optimal protection. Reusing them can compromise their effectiveness.

Yes, many Disposable Protective Coveralls are designed to be breathable, allowing air circulation while maintaining protection.

Look for certifications like CE, FDA, or specific standards like EN 14126:2003 for protective clothing against infectious agents.

Store Disposable Protective Coveralls in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and contaminants. Follow the storage instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, Disposable Protective Coveralls are commonly used in agriculture to protect against pesticides, chemicals, and other hazards.

Yes, there are specialized Disposable Protective Coveralls designed for cleanroom environments, offering protection against contaminants.

Yes, Disposable Protective Coveralls with appropriate chemical resistance can protect against chemical splashes. Check the product specifications for details.

Yes, Disposable Protective Coveralls are commonly worn in laboratories to protect against chemical spills and biological hazards.

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