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At JINYE, we don’t just offer medical sharps containers; we provide peace of mind. Our extensive range includes disposable syringes, medical IV sets, ostomy bags, gauze bandages, blood bags, and more. With over 20 years of expertise, we deliver excellence and reliability.

Customization is our forte, ensuring our products seamlessly integrate into your healthcare practices. Choose JINYE for cutting-edge medical disposables, where safety meets innovation.

Product Overview:

Disposable Plastic Medical Biohazard Sharp Boxes/Sharps Container

Material: Medical grade PP

Specification: 0.5L-30L

Shape: Round & square

Color: Yellow,red, or customized

Shape: Round or Square or customized


JINYE’s Plastic Medical Biohazard Sharp Boxes/Container redefine safety and convenience in medical waste disposal. Crafted with precision, our containers ensure secure containment of sharps, needles, and biohazardous materials.

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The Key Functions of Medical Sharps Containers/ Sharps Boxes

Infection Prevention:  The Medical Sharp Containers/Sharps Boxes are essential to prevent infections, ensure safe injections, and eliminate the risk of sharp objects’ reuse.

Collection of Needles: They safely collect needles from disposable items like syringes and IV needles.

Sharp Object Disposal: Sharp containers also gather various sharp objects such as medical glass products, scalpels, sutures, and blades.

Blood-Contaminated Items: They are designed to hold medical equipment like syringes and transfusion devices that have come into contact with blood.

Safe Disposal: Sharps containers securely store other specified sharp medical instruments and dangerous objects that must be disposed of properly.

Trust JINYE’s Sharps Containers for efficient, secure, and responsible medical waste management.

How To Use Disposable Medical Sharps Containers/Sharps Boxes Correctly

Installation: Firmly press the container body onto the lid to assemble the medical sharps container securely.

Opening and Closing: Rotate the red disc on the top cover clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open the container securely.

Needle Disposal: Insert the needle into the droplet-shaped hole. Press gently at the junction of the syringe tip and needle, guiding the needle to drop inside the container effortlessly.

Disposing of IV Tubing: Hold the IV tubing and insert the sharp part into the large opening on the cover. Use scissors to cut, and the sharp part will drop into the container.

Sharp Objects: Blades, glass, or other sharp items, including blood-contaminated syringes and IV tubing, can be placed directly into the large top opening.

Closure: When the container is 70% full, close it securely. Turn the red disc clockwise until you hear a “click.” Press down firmly on the raised part of the red cover to lock the container safely.

Ensure the safety of your environment with our secure and easy-to-use sharps containers from JINYE.

Key Features of Sharps Containers/Sharps Boxes

The disposable medical Sharps containers/Sharps boxes are designed for single-use purposes, ensuring that medical waste placed inside cannot be retrieved. These containers must be collected by medical waste disposal units within 24 hours and safely incinerated within 48 hours.

Key Features:

New Polypropylene Material: Crafted from fresh polypropylene plastic, these containers are PVC-free. They are convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and easily incinerated at high temperatures. Once sealed, they cannot be opened without damage.

Square Sharps Containers: Featuring a large, thick-walled opening, square containers are durable and resistant to impact. They are ideal for disposing of bulky sharp objects, particularly suitable for dental disposables.

Round Sharps Containers: Economical yet practical, round containers dominate the domestic market due to their excellent performance and affordability. They offer a perfect balance of quality and value.

Red disposable plastic biohazard medical square sharps box/sharps container

Why Use a Disposable Sharps Container/Sharps Box

Ensuring Safety:
One of the paramount reasons for using disposable sharps containers is to guarantee safety, both for healthcare professionals and the general public. By providing a secure disposal method, these containers prevent accidental needlesticks and potential infections. For instance, used syringes and lancets can carry dangerous pathogens, making proper disposal imperative.

Preventing Environmental Contamination:
Disposable medical Sharps containers play a crucial role in preventing environmental contamination. Improper disposal of needles, blades, and other sharp medical instruments can lead to pollution of water bodies and soil. By utilizing sharps containers, we protect our environment from hazardous waste. Imagine a scenario where a discarded needle finds its way into a park – the potential harm it poses to children and animals emphasizes the necessity of proper disposal methods.

Compliance with Regulations:
Medical facilities must adhere to strict regulations regarding the disposal of sharp objects. Utilizing medical sharps containers ensures compliance with these regulations. For example, a hospital consistently using sharps containers demonstrates adherence to health and safety guidelines, fostering trust among patients and the community.

Explore JINYE: Your Medical Consumables Expert

At JINYE, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, providing unparalleled service. Experience the difference with our superior Sharps Containers, designed exclusively for you. Trust JINYE for all your medical consumable needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sharps Container/Sharps Box

Sharps Container is a specially designed container for the safe disposal of used medical needles, syringes, and other sharp instruments.

Using a Sharps Container ensures the safe disposal of sharps, preventing injuries and infections that can result from accidental needlesticks.

Take it to a designated collection point or a medical facility. Some pharmacies also offer sharps disposal services.

No, Sharps Containers are for one-time use and should be disposed of properly.

No, it’s dangerous and illegal. Sharps should always be placed in a Sharps Container.

When it’s about three-quarters full, replace it to ensure safe containment.

Yes, lancets and any other sharp medical items can be safely disposed of in a Sharps Container.

Yes, many pharmacies sell Sharps Containers.

Seal the container properly and store it in a cool, dry place.

They are disposed of through licensed medical waste disposal services.

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