What Is A Blood Lancet ?

A Disposable Medical Blood Lancet, also known as a capillary blood collection device, is a clinical tool used for puncturing specific areas of the skin, typically on the fingers or heels, to collect capillary blood for diagnostic purposes. Capillary blood, often referred to as peripheral blood, is primarily used for various tests, including complete blood cell analysis, blood typing, glucose monitoring, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), and newborn screening.

A skin puncture device, commonly used for obtaining peripheral blood samples, typically consists of a sharp needle or blade. Note that there isn’t a standardized terminology for the instruments used in peripheral blood puncture, and they can be referred to as blood lancets, blood collection devices, puncture needles, and more.

Safety Blood Lancet

Product Overview:

Disposable Medical Twist Blood Lancet


Material: PVC holder+ Stainless steel needle

Color: blue, green, pink or Customized

Size: 23g, 26g, 28g, 30g

Feature:  Universal design, Painless, safe

Application: Blood glucose testing, collecting blood Samples

Safety Auto-Retractable Blood Lancet (Pressure Activated)


Material: ABS, LDPE, spring, stainless steel

Size: 21g, 22g, 23G, 26G, 28G, 30G, 31G, 32G, 33G

Application:  Blood Collection, for Clinical/Household Test Use

Feature: Safety, High speed and accurate

Blood lancet
23g Blood lancet
26g Blood lancet
28g Blood lancet
30g Blood lancet

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Applications of Disposable Medical Twist Blood Lancets

When conducting blood tests in healthcare settings, various diagnostic procedures requiring a small blood volume (less than 0.1 milliliters) benefit from peripheral blood collection. These include complete blood counts, blood typing, platelet counts, hemoglobin measurements, malaria parasite examinations, fingerstick glucose testing, rapid screening for certain infectious diseases, and specific individual biochemical tests.

Our Disposable Medical Twist Blood Lancets are designed for safe and efficient blood collection. They are gamma-ray sterilized, ensuring they are free from toxins and heat sources. These lancets are compatible with various types of blood collection devices and are used to puncture the fingertip for blood sampling. Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, the lancets guarantee smooth, pain-free selection with their sharp, three-bevel point.

How to use the Blood lancet
Doctor is collecting blood from patient
Blood lancet pen
Twist Blood Lancet

Applications of Safety Auto-Retractable Blood Lancet

Our Safety Auto-Retractable Blood Lancets are designed with a primary focus on patient safety and comfort, offering a secure and convenient solution for blood collection. These lancets undergo gamma-ray irradiation and incorporate protective caps to safeguard the needle tip. With an internal needle protection system, they reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Designed for ease of use, the blood lancets feature a user-friendly two-step button mechanism that requires minimal training. They ensure patient comfort through a three-bevel design and high-speed penetration and delivery methods while maintaining the highest hygiene standards with sterile needle tips sealed by injection-molded caps.

Our spring-loaded blood lancets guarantee quick, consistent, and pain-minimized punctures at a fixed depth. Importantly, the lancet automatically retracts post-puncture, preventing reuse and making it an ideal choice, particularly for pediatric patients.

Safety Blood Lancet
Twist Blood Lancet
Safety Blood Lancet

Traditional vs. Modern Blood Lancet

Selecting the appropriate blood lancet for capillary blood collection has evolved significantly from the early days of triangular and leaf-shaped needles. Today, we have access to safe, user-friendly, minimally painful, and reliable blood collection devices.

Traditional triangular needles, once used for capillary blood collection, demanded a high level of operator skill for precise punctures. They presented challenges in controlling puncture depth, often caused noticeable discomfort to patients, and posed a risk of contamination due to exposed needle tips.

Modern capillary blood collection devices offer consistent puncture depth, keep the needle concealed, ensure sufficient blood yield, and are designed for one-time use. These innovative options include touch-activated lancets, pressure-activated lancets, and specialized heel stick lancets tailored for blood collection from an infant’s heel.

When choosing a blood lancet, consider factors such as ease of use, patient comfort, and hygiene. Opt for devices that meet the specific needs of your patients, whether it’s a touch-activated device for simplicity, a pressure-activated one for precision, or a heel stick lancet for infant blood collection.

Tips to Minimize Pain When Using Disposable Medical Blood Lancets

For individuals using devices like glucometers, uric acid meters, lipid analyzers, hemoglobin analyzers, and glycated hemoglobin analyzers that require regular blood sampling, here are some strategies to reduce discomfort:


Use Disposable Lancets: Always use disposable lancets for blood sampling. Reusing lancets can lead to bluntness, increased pain, and a higher risk of infection.

Stretch the Skin: Before pricking, gently stretch the skin at the puncture site. This helps the lancet penetrate the skin more quickly, reducing the sensation of pain.

Adjust Puncture Depth: Choose an appropriate puncture depth setting on the lancet device. Deeper settings are generally associated with more pain. Experiment with different depths and use the shallowest setting that still yields an adequate blood sample.

Rotate Fingers: Avoid repeatedly sampling from the same finger, especially if it becomes painful. Rotate to different fingers to allow the previously used ones to recover from discomfort.

These simple steps can make the blood sampling process more comfortable and less intimidating for those who need to monitor their health regularly.

Safety Blood Lancet

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Common Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Medical Blood Lancets

Yes, Blood Lancets are designed to be safe when used according to instructions. They are sterile and single-use to minimize infection risk.

The puncture from a Blood Lancet can cause minor discomfort or a brief sting, but it's generally not very painful.

Yes, there are various types of Blood Lancets available, including safety lancets, twist-top lancets, and retractable lancets.

The choice depends on your preferences and specific needs. Safety lancets are often recommended for ease of use and safety.

Blood Lancets are designed for single use to maintain sterility and safety. Reusing them is not recommended.

Used Blood Lancets should be disposed of in a sharps container or a puncture-resistant container to prevent injuries.

Yes, many Blood Lancets are designed for home use, especially for monitoring conditions like diabetes.

Yes, there are specialized lancets suitable for newborns and infants, designed for minimal discomfort.

Yes, Blood Lancets can be used for various blood tests, including blood typing and certain disease screenings.

A lancet has a tiny, sharp tip designed specifically for superficial skin punctures, while a needle is more versatile and used for injections or venipuncture.

Blood Lancet

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