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Blood Lancet

A Blood Lancet is a crucial medical device designed for virtually painless blood sampling. Specifically, the Disposable Medical Twist Blood Lancet from JINYE combines safety and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for blood collection procedures.

Crafted from high-quality medical stainless steel, the lancet ensures precision and durability. The tri-bevel tip design enhances practicality, providing virtually painless sampling. The combination of plastic and stainless steel contributes to the lancet’s sturdiness and efficiency.

Available in a range of sizes including 25G, 26G, 27G, 28G, 29G, 30G, and 31G, accommodating various blood sampling needs. The lancet’s design prioritizes easy handling, with a push-button mechanism that allows the needle to retract automatically. It is universally suitable for both kids and adults.

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Product Details:

Application Scenarios and Fields of Blood Lancet:
The Blood Lancet finds extensive application in:
Clinical settings for routine blood tests and medical diagnostics.
Home healthcare environments for patients requiring regular blood monitoring.
Pediatric care, ensuring a gentle and efficient blood sampling process for children.
In emergencies where quick and virtually painless blood sampling is crucial.

Advantages of Blood Lancet:
a. Practically Painless Sampling: The high-quality tri-bevel tip ensures virtually painless blood sampling, promoting patient comfort.
b. Universal Applicability: Designed to fit almost all age groups, from kids to adults, providing a versatile solution for healthcare practitioners.
c. Automatic Retraction: The needle automatically retracts with a simple push-button mechanism, ensuring safe and easy handling.
d. Efficient Blood Circulation: The lancet’s design facilitates quick blood circulation, streamlining the sampling process.
e. High-Quality Construction: Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, the lancet ensures precision and durability for reliable blood sampling.

Usage Guidelines and Instructions for Blood Lancet:
Choose the appropriate lancet size based on the patient’s age and blood sampling requirements.
Ensure the push-button mechanism is activated for automatic needle retraction after use.
Dispose of used lancets in designated sharps containers to ensure safety and proper disposal.
Follow healthcare provider recommendations for frequency and technique during blood sampling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Blood Lancet:
a. Q: How does the push-button mechanism work?
A: The lancet features a push-button mechanism for automatic needle retraction after blood sampling.

b. Q: Is the blood lancet suitable for pediatric use?
A: Yes, the blood lancet is designed to fit almost all age groups, including children and adults.

c. Q: Can the blood lancet be reused?
A: No, for safety and hygiene reasons, the blood lancet is disposable and should not be reused.

d. Q: How do I choose the right lancet size?
A: Blood lancet size should be selected based on the patient’s age and specific blood sampling needs.

e. Q: Is the lancet suitable for home use?
A: Yes, the lancet is suitable for home healthcare environments, providing a convenient solution for regular blood monitoring.

f. Q: Can the blood lancet be used for emergency blood sampling?
A: Yes, the blood lancet is designed for quick and efficient blood sampling, making it suitable for emergencies.

g. Q: What is the shelf life of the lancet?
A: The lancets are sterilized and packaged to maintain their integrity, and their shelf life is indicated on the packaging.

h. Q: Can the lancet be disposed of in regular waste?
A: No, used blood lancet should be disposed of in designated sharps containers to ensure safe disposal.

i. Q: Does the blood lancet require any special storage conditions?
A: The blood lancet is designed for regular storage conditions, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

j. Q: How does the lancet promote efficient blood circulation?
A: The blood lancet’s design ensures a high-quality tri-bevel tip, facilitating quick and efficient blood circulation during sampling.

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Why Choose JINYE’s Blood Lancet:
a. Safety and Efficiency: JINYE’s Blood Lancet combines safety features with efficient blood sampling, ensuring a positive patient experience.
b. Precision with Stainless Steel: Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, the lancet offers precision and durability for reliable blood sampling.
c. Versatility in Sizing: Available in various sizes, JINYE’s lancet accommodates diverse blood sampling needs across different patient populations.
d. Innovative Push-Button Design: The automatic retraction feature with a push-button mechanism showcases JINYE’s commitment to user-friendly design.
e. Compliance with Standards: JINYE’s Blood Lancet strictly adheres to medical standards, providing a trustworthy and compliant solution for healthcare practitioners.

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