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Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a cutting-edge 3-in-1 device designed for accurate temperature measurement through forehead, ear, and object modes. It provides swift readings within 1 second, making it a versatile tool for various temperature-related applications.

Constructed with advanced materials ensuring precision and durability, the thermometer combines innovative technology with a user-friendly design for reliable temperature monitoring.

Available in dimensions tailored for comfortable usage, with a variety of colors including white, green, orange, and red. The unit offers convenient Fahrenheit to Celsius exchange, a backlight display for visibility, and auto shut-off after 30 seconds of inactivity, enhancing its practicality.

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Product Details:

Application Scenarios and Fields of Infrared Forehead Thermometer:
Ideal for a spectrum of applications:
Medical settings for accurate temperature readings in forehead and ear modes.
Households are used for checking the temperature of sleeping babies, children, and objects.
Conveniently measures bathwater, room temperature, and even the temperature of food and milk bottles.

Advantages of Infrared Forehead Thermometer:
a. Versatile 3-in-1 Mode: Forehead, ear, and object modes cater to diverse temperature measurement needs.
b. Swift Readings: Delivers fast and reliable temperature readings within 1 second.
c. Extended Memory: Stores up to 9 sets of measurements for tracking temperature trends.
d. Fever Alarm: Provides a clear indication with a fever alarm, aiding in quick health assessments.
e. High Accuracy: Maintains high precision within specific temperature ranges, instilling confidence in its readings.

Usage Guidelines and Instructions for Infrared Forehead Thermometer:

To measure forehead temperature, aim the thermometer at the center of the forehead, maintaining a distance of 1-5 cm.
For ear mode, ensure a snug fit into the ear canal for accurate readings.
Object mode allows versatile temperature measurements for various scenarios.
Use the Fahrenheit/Celsius unit exchange function as needed.
The device automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Infrared Forehead Thermometer:
a. Q: How does the thermometer switch between modes?
A: Toggle between forehead, ear, and object modes by using the designated buttons on the device.

b. Q: Can this infrared forehead thermometer be used on infants?
A: Yes, it is ideal for measuring the temperature of sleeping babies with its non-invasive forehead mode.

c. Q: Is the infrared forehead thermometer suitable for checking food temperature?
A: Absolutely, the object mode allows temperature checks for food, milk bottles, and more.

d. Q: What is the significance of the backlight colors?
A: White, green, orange, and red backlight colors indicate temperature levels, aiding in quick visual interpretation.

e. Q: How long does the auto shut-off take?
A: The infrared forehead thermometer will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity, conserving battery life.

f. Q: Can I use this infrared forehead thermometer on a patient who is asleep?
A: Yes, the non-contact forehead mode is perfect for measuring the temperature of sleeping individuals.

g. Q: Is the device suitable for professional medical use?
A: Yes, the high accuracy and multi-mode functionality make it suitable for professional medical settings.

h. Q: Does the infrared forehead thermometer come with a warranty?
A: Yes, JINYE’s Infrared Forehead Thermometer comes with a standard warranty, assuring its quality.

i. Q: How do I clean the infrared forehead thermometer?
A: Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the thermometer; avoid using liquids that may damage the device.

j. Q: Can I replace the battery?
A: Yes, the device is designed with a replaceable battery for extended usage.

Why Choose JINYE’s Infrared Forehead Thermometer:
a. Cutting-Edge Technology: JINYE’s thermometer employs advanced infrared technology for accurate and swift temperature measurements.
b. User-Friendly Design: With intuitive features such as a fever alarm, memory storage, and multi-mode functionality, it ensures ease of use for diverse users.
c. Reliability and Precision: High accuracy within specified temperature ranges instills confidence in the device’s reliability.
d. Diverse Applications: From medical settings to household use, the thermometer’s versatility makes it an invaluable tool.
e. Quality Assurance: Backed by JINYE’s commitment to quality, the thermometer comes with a warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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