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Sharps Container: Everything You Need To Know-The Ultimate Guide

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What is Sharps Container

A Sharps Container, also known as a sharps box or medical sharp container, is a specially designed disposable item for safely storing medical waste such as needles and other sharp objects. Once these items are placed inside the container, they cannot be removed. It’s crucial to note that medical waste disposed of in a Sharps Container must be collected by a medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours and safely incinerated within 48 hours.

Sharps Container

The Material of Sharps Container

The material used in Sharps Containers is a brand-new type of plastic called polypropylene (PP). It’s important to note that these containers are PVC-free, which is a significant benefit. The use of polypropylene brings a host of advantages, making the containers convenient, safe, non-toxic, resistant to punctures, leak-proof, and easy to incinerate at high temperatures.

Specifications of Sharps Container

Specifications of sharps box

Sharps Containers come in different shapes and sizes to meet various needs. You can find them in two main styles: cylindrical (like a round tube) and cuboid (box-shaped). These containers are available in different capacities, 1L、3L、5L、7L、13L, and more, providing options for the disposal of different amounts of medical sharps.

Specifications of sharps box

When it comes to appearance, Sharps Containers usually sport a distinctive yellow color, making them easily recognizable. On the sides of the container, you’ll find a clear label that reads “Damaging Waste,” and it also prominently displays a warning sign indicating “Medical Waste.” This clear labeling is crucial for easy identification and ensures that everyone handling the container is aware of its contents and the need for proper disposal.

Square Sharps Container Vs. Round Sharps Container

When it comes to choosing between a square and a round Sharps Container, it’s all about the design and practicality.

square Sharps Container

The square Sharps Container is built with a larger opening, thick walls, and durability in mind. It’s sturdy and can withstand accidental drops, making it ideal for disposing of larger sharp objects, especially commonly found in dental settings.

round Sharps Container

On the other hand, the round Sharps Container is more economical in design but doesn’t compromise on utility. It’s the most widely used type in the domestic market, known for its good quality and cost-effective features.

What Should Be Put In The Sharps Container?

Use of medical waste containers

A Sharps Container serves a crucial role in preventing infections and ensuring safe disposal of medical items to avoid any risks of unsafe injections. Here’s a breakdown of what should be placed inside:

Needles from Disposable Items: This includes needles from syringes, infusion sets, and similar one-time-use medical items. The goal is to safely collect these used needles to prevent any accidental pricks.

Sharp Medical Instruments: Dispose of various sharp medical instruments like glass items, blades, scalpels, and suture needles. These items, once used, can pose a risk, so placing them in the Sharps Container ensures safe containment.

Blood-Contaminated Equipment: Items like full syringes and blood-contacting medical tools should be collected if they come in contact with blood. This extra precaution helps manage potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Other Designated Sharps: Any other sharp objects or dangerous items specified by regulations should also find their place in the Sharps Container. This ensures comprehensive and safe disposal of all sharp and potentially hazardous materials.

In a nutshell, the Sharps Container is like a secure vault for used medical sharps, providing a designated and safe space for needles, sharp instruments, and blood-contaminated items. This systematic approach minimizes the risk of infections and ensures the proper disposal of potentially dangerous medical waste.

Red Sharps Container

How To Use The Sharps Container?

Using a Sharps Container is a straightforward process, ensuring safe and efficient disposal of medical sharps. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Assembling the Container: Align the container body with the lid and firmly press down to securely assemble them.

Opening and Closing: Rotate the red turning disc on the lid in a counterclockwise direction to open and clockwise to close. It’s as simple as a twist to control the accessibility of the container.

Collecting Syringe Needles: Insert the needle into the drop-shaped hole, aligning it with the interface between the syringe nozzle and needle. Gently press the syringe downward, and the needle will safely drop into the Sharps Container.

Collecting Sharp Parts of Infusion Sets: Hold the tubing of the infusion set and insert the sharp part into the large opening on the lid. A simple cut with scissors will cause the sharp part to drop into the container.

Direct Disposal of Sharp Items: Blades, glass, and other sharp objects, as well as blood-contaminated items like blood-filled syringes or infusion sets, can be directly placed into the larger top opening.

Closing the Container: When the container is filled up to 70% of its capacity, securely close it by rotating the red turning disc clockwise. Listen for a distinct “click” sound, then press down on the raised part of the red lid. This action locks the Sharps Container safely.

In essence, using a Sharps Container is a user-friendly process. With a simple twist to open or close and designated openings for different items, it ensures safe disposal of medical sharps. Remember to close and lock the container when it’s 70% full to maintain safety standards.

Yellow square medical waste container

Regulations For The Use Of Sharps Container

Using a Sharps Container is crucial for safety, and there are specific guidelines to follow:

Material and Sealing: The Sharps Container is made of sturdy material, ensuring a tight seal. This guarantees that sharp objects inside won’t leak, and once sealed, the container cannot be reopened without damage.

Puncture Resistance: The container is designed to resist punctures. Sharp items like syringe needles or broken glass pieces placed inside cannot pierce through the container.

Color and Labeling: The container is universally colored in yellow, with a clear label on the side indicating “Damaging Waste.”

Warning Sign: The container must display the medical waste warning sign specified in the fifth article of these regulations.

Size Customization: The size of the Sharps Container can be customized based on user requirements.

Durability Test: A filled Sharps Container is dropped from a height of 1.5 meters onto a cement surface three times. It should not crack or be punctured.

Burnability: The container is designed for easy incineration, and it should not be made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic.

Single-Use Requirement: The Sharps Container is for one-time use only. As per regulations, it must be collected by a medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours and safely incinerated within 48 hours.

To ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and the public, it’s crucial to adhere to these guidelines. The Sharps Container acts as a secure vessel for sharp medical waste, preventing leakage, resisting punctures, and facilitating proper disposal through easy incineration. Remember, it’s a one-time-use item, and timely collection and incineration are essential to meet safety standards.

Storage Requirements For Sharps Container

Storage Requirements For Sharps Container

Storing Sharps Containers requires careful attention to safety guidelines:

Placement for Easy Access: Keep the Sharps Container in a convenient and reachable location (132-142 cm above the ground, 28-48 cm from the operator’s body). Never place it directly on the ground or beneath a vehicle.

Material and Lid Security: The material of the Sharps Container must meet puncture-resistant and leak-proof standards. Always ensure the lid is securely closed before use.

Optimal Fill Level: Do not let the contents exceed 3/4 of the marked capacity. When it reaches this level, promptly replace it. Use an effective sealing method, like tightly sealing the packaging or container, to ensure a secure closure.

Safe Needle Disposal: When separating needles from syringes, do so within the wedge-shaped slot on the lid. Avoid manually disassembling or separating used or exposed needles.

Secure Storage Before Disposal: Before final disposal, transport the Sharps Container to a designated and secure area.

Sealing for Transportation: If transporting a Sharps Container with infectious materials, make sure it is properly sealed to prevent any potential contamination.

Adhering to these storage requirements is essential for the safe and effective use of Sharps Containers. By maintaining proper placement, material integrity, and secure closures, you contribute to a safer healthcare environment for both professionals and the public.

Yellow square medical waste container factory

Why Choose JINYE Sharps Containers

Safety Assurance: JINYE Sharps Containers are crafted with a commitment to safety. The materials used are puncture-resistant and leak-proof, ensuring that hazardous sharp items are securely contained, and preventing accidental exposures.

User-Friendly Design: Our Sharps Containers are designed with convenience in mind. From the optimal placement height for easy access to the straightforward assembly process, JINYE makes using and handling these containers a hassle-free experience.

Quality Material: JINYE prioritizes the use of high-quality materials, meeting the necessary standards for effective sharps disposal. The robust construction of our containers guarantees durability, even in demanding healthcare settings.

Capacity Management: With a keen understanding of disposal needs, JINYE Sharps Containers are marked with clear indicators, ensuring that users do not overfill. This helps maintain an efficient and safe disposal process while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Customization Options: JINYE understands that one size does not fit all. Our Sharps Containers offer customization options, allowing users to select the size that best suits their requirements. This flexibility ensures that every user can access a container that perfectly fits their needs.

In conclusion, choosing JINYE Sharps Containers is a smart decision rooted in a dedication to safety, user-friendliness, quality materials, efficient capacity management, and customization options. Trust JINYE for a reliable solution in the responsible disposal of medical sharps.

Rachel Cheng

Rachel Cheng

The founder of JINYE, has been committed to providing the best products and services for customers around the world for more than 15 years.

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Rachel Cheng
The founder of JINYE, has been committed to providing the best products and services for customers around the world for more than 15 years.

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