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Blood Collection Tube

The Blood Collection Tube is an essential medical device designed for clinical hematology tests, facilitating a wide range of examinations such as blood routine tests and various blood cell analyses. It plays a crucial role in procedures like blood cell morphology examination, blood cell count, hematocrit, hemoglobin, and sickling tests, among others.

Crafted with precision, the tube body is manufactured using PET or glass material, ensuring stable properties that meet the stringent requirements of clinical applications.

Available in various sizes, and colors, these tubes cater to diverse clinical needs. The product types include different dimensions, color codes, and packaging specifications, providing flexibility for medical practitioners.

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Product Details:

Application of Blood Collection Tube:
Blood Collection Tubes are indispensable in clinical settings, offering reliable performance in:

Blood Cells Analysis: Enabling accurate examinations for various blood-related parameters.
Clinical Haematology Tests: Facilitating essential tests like blood routine examinations.
Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with a range of analyzers, including biochemical, immune, and blood analyzers.

Advantages of Blood Collection Tube:
Stable Properties: The tube body’s PET or glass material ensures stability during the collection and analysis of blood samples.
Safe and Airtight: The head cap guarantees safety, optimal airtightness, minimal puncture force, and convenient opening and capping.
Additive Dispersal: The inner wall features even dispersion of additives, ensuring thorough mixing with blood samples for accurate results.
Customizable Labels: The product offers the flexibility to customize labels based on customer requirements.
Compatibility: Ensures seamless integration with various analyzer transmission devices for comprehensive clinical testing.

Usage Guidelines for Blood Collection Tube:
Follow standard protocols for collecting blood samples to ensure accurate results.
Pay attention to the color codes to match the tube with the specific test requirements.
Handle with care to prevent any damage to the tube walls that may compromise sample stability.
Adhere to recommended storage conditions to preserve the integrity of the blood samples.
Dispose of used tubes according to medical waste disposal guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Blood Collection Tube:
Q: Are there specific color codes for different additives in the tubes?
A: Yes, each color corresponds to specific additives, ensuring proper specimen preservation.

Q: Can these blood collection tubes be used for all types of blood tests?
A: Yes, the blood collection tubes are designed to accommodate a variety of blood tests, from routine examinations to specialized analyses.

Q: How do the blood collection tubes prevent wall hanging and hemolysis?
A: The tube walls are specially treated to prevent wall hanging and hemolysis, ensuring sample stability.

Q: Can these blood collection tubes be used in different types of analyzers?
A: Yes, these blood collection tubes offer good compatibility and can be used with various biochemical, immune, and blood analyzers.

Q: What is the significance of different tube colors?
A: Each color corresponds to specific additives or purposes, aiding in easy identification and proper usage.

Q: Are these blood collection tubes suitable for point-of-care testing?
A: These blood collection tubes can be effectively utilized in point-of-care testing scenarios, providing reliable results.

Q: Can the blood collection tubes be transported without compromising sample stability?
A: Yes, when handled according to guidelines, the tubes ensure the stability of blood samples during transportation.

Q: Can the Blood Collection Tubes be used in pediatric applications?
A: Yes, these blood collection tubes can be adapted for pediatric use, ensuring flexibility across various patient demographics.

Q: How does the product contribute to the accuracy of clinical test results?
A: The product is manufactured in a 100,000-class purification workshop to ensure stability and enhance the accuracy of clinical test results.

Why Choose JINYE’s Blood Collection Tube:
Quality Assurance: JINYE’s tubes adhere to the highest standards, ensuring precision and reliability in clinical testing.
Customization Options: The ability to customize labels allows for tailored solutions based on customer needs.
Innovative Design: The tubes feature an innovative design, including an airtight head cap and even additive dispersal.
Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from routine blood tests to specialized analyses.
Purification Workshop: The utilization of a 100,000-class purification workshop guarantees the purity and stability of blood samples, enhancing the accuracy of clinical results.

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