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Centrifuge Tube

A Centrifuge Tube is a specialized vessel crucial in laboratory settings for sample preparation, analysis, and storage. It is intricately designed to withstand high-speed centrifugation, ensuring efficient separation of substances. Widely used in medical, research, and industrial laboratories, these tubes play a pivotal role in various scientific processes.

Crafted from high-transparency Polypropylene (PP), our Centrifuge Tubes guarantee optimal clarity and durability. The medical-grade PP ensures the tubes withstand rigorous conditions, maintaining integrity during centrifugation and providing a clear view of the sample.

Available in an array of sizes ranging from 0.2ml to 50ml, our Centrifuge Tubes cater to diverse laboratory requirements. The tubes come in various colors, offering versatility and easy sample identification. Thickness, type, and packaging options are tailored to meet the demands of different scientific applications.

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Product Details:

Application of Centrifuge Tubes:
Centrifuge Tubes find extensive use in:
Clinical Laboratories: Essential for blood sample separation and analysis.
Research Facilities: Facilitates various experiments and centrifugation processes.
Industrial Applications: Utilized in manufacturing processes requiring sample separation.
Educational Institutions: Integral in teaching laboratories for student experiments.

Advantages of Centrifuge Tubes:
High Transparency: Made from highly transparent medical-grade polypropylene, ensuring clear visibility of samples.
Wide Size Range: Available in a variety of sizes, accommodating different sample volumes.
Durable Construction: Crafted from strong polypropylene, maintaining structural integrity during centrifugation.
Secure Sealing: Double-threaded design minimizes the risk of cross-threading, ensuring secure sample containment.
Gamma Radiation Sterilization: Guarantees sterility, complying with international safety standards.

Usage Guidelines for Centrifuge Tubes:
Ensure proper closure of caps to prevent leakage during centrifugation.
Use the appropriate size tube for the intended sample volume to maximize efficiency.
Check compatibility with specific centrifuge models and adhere to the recommended maximum RCF.
Store in a controlled environment away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
Follow standard laboratory protocols for sample handling and disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Centrifuge Tubes:
Q: Can Centrifuge Tubes be autoclaved?
A: Yes, most centrifuge tubes can withstand autoclaving; however, check product specifications for compatibility.

Q: What is the maximum RCF these centrifuge tubes can withstand?
A: Depending on the size, our tubes can withstand centrifugation up to 9,400 RCF.

Q: Are these centrifuge tubes suitable for DNA/RNA extraction?
A: Yes, the tubes are DNase/RNase-free, making them suitable for molecular biology applications.

Q: Can I write on the flat-top caps with any marker?
A: Yes, flat-top caps are designed to be writable, and most lab markers can be used.

Q: How are the centrifuge tubes sterilized?
A: Tubes are sterilized using gamma radiation, ensuring they are non-pyrogenic and meet safety standards.

Q: Can these centrifuge tubes be used for long-term sample storage?
A: Yes, these centrifuge tubes are suitable for both short-term and long-term sample storage.

Q: Are these centrifuge tubes recyclable?
A: The centrifuge tubes are generally made from recyclable materials, promoting environmental sustainability.

Q: Can I purchase non-sterile tubes for specific applications?
A: Yes, bulk packages are available in both sterile and non-sterile options to meet different needs.

Q: Can these centrifuge tubes be used for virus isolation?
A: Yes, when following appropriate safety measures, these tubes can be used for virus isolation.

Q: Do the tubes comply with international shipping standards?
A: Yes, the sealing test complies with IATA Safety Standards, ensuring safe transportation.

Why Choose JINYE’s Centrifuge Tube:
Premium Material: Our tubes are crafted from high-quality, medical-grade polypropylene for optimal performance.
Versatility in Sizes: From small-scale experiments to industrial processes, our range accommodates various applications.
Secure Sealing Design: The double-threaded design and plug-seal screw-on caps ensure a reliable seal during centrifugation.
Gamma Radiation Sterilization: Complies with global safety standards, assuring sterility.
Trusted Certification: CE and FDA approvals validate the tubes’ quality and conformity to international standards.

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