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Disposable Oxygen Mask

The Disposable Oxygen Mask, a crucial medical apparatus, is designed to cover the nose and mouth, providing a conduit for inhaling high concentrations of oxygen. Made of transparent, non-toxic PVC, this medical-grade Oxygen Face Mask is ideal for various scenarios such as emergency oxygen administration, post-surgery recovery, respiratory therapy, and intensive care. It is a vital tool in clinical settings like hospitals and clinics.

Crafted from transparent, non-toxic PVC, the Disposable Oxygen Mask ensures the delivery of oxygen in a safe and sterile manner. The latex-free design promotes allergen-free use, and the mask features an adjustable nose metal plaster and a rubber fastening mechanism for a secure fit.

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Product Details:

Available in multiple sizes to cater to diverse patient needs:
XS (Neonate)
S (Pediatric Standard)
M (Pediatric Elongated)
L+ (Adult European)
XL (Adult Elongated)
The mask covers both the mouth and nose, offering flexibility in application. It comes with an adjustable nose clip and an elastic strap, available with or without latex.

Application Scenarios and Fields of Disposable Oxygen Mask:
The Disposable Oxygen Mask finds extensive application in various medical scenarios, including:
Emergency Oxygen Administration
Post-Surgery Recovery
Respiratory Therapy
Intensive Care
The disposable oxygen mask is a staple in clinical environments such as hospitals and clinics, ensuring patients receive optimal oxygen concentrations.

Advantages of Disposable Oxygen Mask:
Transparent Design: The clear PVC material allows medical professionals to monitor patients easily.
Adjustable Fit: Equipped with an adjustable nose clip and elastic strap, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for different patient sizes.
Latex-Free: The mask is crafted without latex, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
Versatile Sizing: Available in a range of sizes to accommodate neonates, pediatric, and adult patients.
Ease of Application: Designed for easy and efficient oxygen delivery, simplifying medical procedures.

Usage Precautions and Methods of Disposable Oxygen Mask:
Ensure the mask is securely fastened and covers both the nose and mouth.
Adjust the nose clip for a snug fit without compromising patient comfort.
Monitor oxygen flow and adjust as per the patient’s requirements.
Dispose of the mask after single-use to maintain hygiene standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Can the Disposable Oxygen Mask be reused?
No, it is designed for single use to maintain sterility.

Is the disposable oxygen mask suitable for pediatric patients?
Yes, it comes in pediatric sizes to cater to different age groups.

Does the disposable oxygen mask come with latex?
It is available with or without latex, catering to diverse patient needs.

Can it be used for non-emergency oxygen therapy?
Yes, it is suitable for various applications, including respiratory therapy and post-surgery recovery.

What is the shelf life of the Disposable Oxygen Mask?
Check the packaging for expiration dates, ensuring optimal performance.

Is the disposable oxygen mask compatible with all oxygen sources?
Yes, it is designed to connect to standard oxygen sources commonly used in medical settings.

Can the disposable oxygen mask be used during nebulization treatments?
It is primarily designed for oxygen administration; consult healthcare professionals for nebulization.

Is the disposable oxygen mask suitable for long-term oxygen therapy?
Consult healthcare providers for guidance on long-term oxygen therapy solutions.

Can it be used during anesthesia induction?
Specific anesthesia masks are recommended for procedures involving anesthesia induction.

How do I ensure a proper seal with the adjustable nose clip?
Adjust the nose clip to fit the contour of the patient’s nose, ensuring a secure yet comfortable seal.

Why Choose JINYE’s Disposable Oxygen Mask:
Medical-Grade Materials: JINYE prioritizes the use of high-quality, transparent, non-toxic PVC.
Patient-Centric Design: The mask comes in versatile sizes with an adjustable fit for patient comfort.
Latex-Free: JINYE’s commitment to allergen-free designs ensures patient safety.
Comprehensive Sizing: A wide range of sizes caters to neonates, pediatric, and adult patients.
Ease of Application: Designed for straightforward and efficient oxygen administration, aligning with medical best practices.

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