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Light-Resistant Infusion Set

The Light-Resistant Infusion Set is an advanced medical device designed to prevent light exposure and maintain the integrity of light-sensitive medications during intravenous infusion. Its unique three-layer composite light-proof structure makes it ideal for delivering photosensitive drugs effectively and safely.

Crafted from 100% polyester and medical-grade PVC, the Light-Resistant Infusion Set ensures both durability and biocompatibility. The tubing is soft and kink-resistant, and the drip chamber is made of lightproof brown PVC/DEHP material. The set features a range of customizable options, including transparent or elastic frosted tubing.

Available in lengths of 120-150cm, the infusion set comes in a distinctive brown color. Drip chamber options include 6ml, 8ml, and 10ml, and the roller clamp and spike are available in ABS material. Various connection options, such as Luer lock or Luer slip, cater to different medical requirements.

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Product Details:

Application of Light-Resistant Infusion Set:
The Light-Resistant Infusion Set is specifically designed for the administration of light-sensitive medications. It is widely utilized in healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics, during the infusion of drugs such as chemotherapy agents, certain antibiotics, and other photosensitive treatments.

Advantages of Light-Resistant Infusion Set :
Unique Composite Structure: The three-layer design effectively shields medications from light exposure.
Prevention of Contamination: Minimizes the risk of drug contamination caused by the precipitation of light-shielding agents.
Enhanced Safety: Reduces the potential for adverse reactions in patients by maintaining drug integrity.
Versatile Customization: Tailorable options for tubing, drip chamber size, roller clamp, and spike material offer versatility.
Reduced Staff Exposure: Minimizes the contact of medical staff with light-shielding agents, ensuring a safer working environment.

Usage Precautions and Methods Light-Resistant Infusion Set:
Avoid Direct Light Exposure: Ensure the infusion set is kept away from direct light sources during storage and use.
Proper Connection: Verify a secure connection to the IV line, and choose the appropriate injection site based on patient needs.
Regular Monitoring: Healthcare professionals should monitor the infusion process regularly to detect any issues promptly.
Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Adhere to the provided guidelines for the specific customization chosen for the infusion set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Light-Resistant Infusion Set:
Why is a light-resistant infusion set necessary?
It prevents light exposure, maintaining the stability of photosensitive medications.

Can the light-resistant infusion set be used for all IV medications?
It is designed for light-sensitive drugs; consult healthcare providers for compatibility.

How should the infusion set be stored?
Store in a cool, dark place away from direct light to preserve medication integrity.

Is the lightproof material safe for patients?
Yes, the materials used are non-toxic and meet medical-grade standards.

Can the light-resistant infusion set be used with any IV tubing?
Compatibility depends on the tubing type; refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What should be done if the tubing kinks during infusion?
Cease infusion, straighten the tubing, and resume monitoring for any adverse effects.

How often should the light-resistant infusion set be changed?
Follow healthcare provider recommendations; change if any signs of compromise are observed.

Can the light-resistant infusion set be used in pediatric patients?
Healthcare providers will determine suitability based on the specific patient needs.

Is the lightproof feature visible to medical staff during use?
Yes, the distinctive brown color indicates the light-resistant nature of the infusion set.

Can the light-resistant infusion set be used for home care?
Consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on home use based on specific medications and conditions.

Why Choose JINYE’s Light-Resistant Infusion Set:

Cutting-Edge Design: Our infusion sets feature a state-of-the-art three-layer light-proof structure for unparalleled medication protection.
Tailored Customization: A wide range of customizable options ensures that healthcare providers can select the ideal configuration for patient needs.
Commitment to Safety: By minimizing staff exposure to light-shielding agents, our infusion sets prioritize a safe working environment.
Versatility in Medication Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of photosensitive drugs, offering versatility in medical applications.
Reliable Material Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, including 100% polyester and medical-grade PVC, guaranteeing durability and safety.

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