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Lap Sponges

Lap Sponges are surgical pads designed for various medical applications, particularly in laparotomy and abdominal procedures. These sterile or non-sterile pads play a crucial role in wound care and management.

Crafted from 100% natural cotton, Lap Sponges boast a high-quality construction. The cotton yarn used ranges from 40’s for a finer texture to 21’s for enhanced absorbency. The option for x-ray detectable features or x-ray tape adds versatility to their applications.

Available in multiple sizes such as 20x20cm, 23x23cm, 30x30cm, and 45x45cm, Lap Sponges cater to various surgical needs. They come in traditional white or green colors, offering flexibility based on medical preferences. Thickness, weight, and packaging options vary to suit different requirements.

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Product Details:

Application Scenarios and Fields of Lap Sponges:
Lap Sponges find extensive use in:
Hospital and clinic settings
Surgical procedures, especially in laparotomies and abdominal surgeries
First aid scenarios for effective wound dressing and care

Advantages of Lap Sponges:
a. High Absorbency: Lap Sponges, owing to their 100% natural cotton composition, exhibit exceptional absorbency for effective wound management.
b. Versatility in Sizes: Available in various sizes, these sponges cater to different surgical and medical needs.
c. Customizable Features: Options like x-ray detectable elements and cotton loops provide customization based on specific requirements.
d. Sterile Options: The availability of sterile variants ensures aseptic conditions for sensitive surgical procedures.
e. Soft and Gentle: Lap Sponges offer a soft and gentle touch, minimizing discomfort for patients post-surgery.

Usage Guidelines and Instructions for Lap Sponges:
For sterile laparotomy procedures, choose the sterile variant.
Ensure proper handling to maintain the sterility of the product.
Use as directed by healthcare professionals for effective wound care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Lap Sponges:
a. Q: Are Lap Sponges suitable for abdominal surgeries?
A: Yes, Lap Sponges are designed for use in laparotomy and abdominal procedures.

b. Q: What sizes are available?
A: Sizes include 20x20cm, 23x23cm, 30x30cm, and 45x45cm, catering to various surgical needs.

c. Q: Do lap sponges come in different colors?
A: Yes, Lap Sponges are available in traditional white or green colors.

d. Q: Can I choose sterile or non-sterile options?
A: Absolutely, both sterile and non-sterile variants are available based on your requirements.

e. Q: What is the thickness of Lap Sponges?
A: Thickness options vary to accommodate different preferences and needs.

f. Q: Can Lap Sponges be used in first aid?
A: Yes, they are suitable for first aid scenarios, offering effective wound dressing and care.

g. Q: Are lap sponges compatible with x-ray procedures?
A: Yes, there are options with x-ray detectable features, making them suitable for use in procedures requiring imaging.

h. Q: How should I handle Lap Sponges to maintain sterility?
A: Follow standard aseptic techniques, and handle the product as directed to preserve its sterility.

i. Q: Are these lap sponges suitable for pediatric use?
A: Lap Sponges are designed for general surgical use, but specific considerations may be needed for pediatric cases.

j. Q: Can Lap Sponges be used in emergency surgical situations?
A: Yes, these sponges are versatile and suitable for a range of surgical scenarios, including emergency procedures.

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Why Choose JINYE’s Lap Sponges:
a. Quality Assurance: JINYE ensures top-notch quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards.
b. Diverse Options: From sizes to colors and sterile/non-sterile variants, JINYE offers a range of options to meet diverse needs.
c. Customization: Lap Sponges can be customized with features like x-ray detectable elements and cotton loops.
d. Reliability: JINYE’s Lap Sponges are reliable for consistent performance in surgical and medical applications.
e. Expertise: With JINYE’s expertise, you can trust the brand for reliable and effective surgical products.

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