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The JINYE Hemodialyzer stands as a cutting-edge medical device, a sophisticated piece of technology integral to the field of hemodialysis. It is primarily utilized for the purification of blood, removing waste and excess fluids, and playing a pivotal role in renal replacement therapy for patients with impaired kidney function.

Material Composition of Hemodialyzer:
Crafted from advanced Membrane Polyethersulfone (PES), our Hemodialyzer boasts exceptional biocompatibility and durability. This medical-grade material ensures a safe and efficient blood purification process during hemodialysis treatments.

Available in various specifications, including specific sizes tailored for diverse patient needs. The Hemodialyzer comes in a transparent cap design, with a smooth inner surface optimized through 3D microwave structure and ultrasonic bonding. The D-shape ring enhances stability, providing a reliable and secure fit during treatments.

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Product Details:

Application Scenarios and Fields of Hemodialyzer:
The JINYE Hemodialyzer finds its crucial application in hospital settings, particularly in hemodialysis units. It is indispensable for patients suffering from renal impairment, serving as a lifeline by facilitating the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the bloodstream.

Advantages of Hemodialyzer:

High Flux Technology: Featuring both High Flux and Low Flux options, ensuring flexibility for different patient requirements.
Optimized Design: 3D microwave structure and ultrasonic bonding contribute to a smooth inner surface, minimizing the risk of blood clotting.
Tailored Fiber Dimensions: Designed fiber thickness and diameter enhance overall performance, providing efficient blood purification.
Specific Pore Diameter: Precision in pore diameter contributes to effective toxin removal while preserving essential blood components.
Transparent Cap: Allows for easy monitoring of the filtration process, ensuring medical professionals can closely observe treatment efficacy.

Usage Precautions:
During the utilization of the JINYE Hemodialyzer, it is imperative to adhere to proper sterilization procedures. Ensure the device is handled with care, and that medical professionals follow established protocols to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the advantage of High Flux technology?
High Flux technology allows for faster and more efficient removal of toxins during hemodialysis, providing enhanced treatment efficacy.

How often should the Hemodialyzer be replaced?
The replacement frequency depends on the prescribed treatment plan and the specific Hemodialyzer model. Consult your healthcare provider for guidance.

Is the Hemodialyzer suitable for pediatric patients?
Yes, certain models are designed to cater to pediatric patients. Consult with your healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate option.

Can the Hemodialyzer be used for home dialysis?
Generally, Hemodialyzers are utilized in clinical settings. Home dialysis options may vary; consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

How does the D-shape ring enhance performance?
The D-shape ring provides stability, preventing potential dislodgment during treatment and ensuring a secure fit for optimal functionality.

What is the significance of the transparent cap?
The transparent cap allows healthcare professionals to visually monitor the filtration process, ensuring efficient blood purification during hemodialysis.

Is the Membrane Polyethersulfone material safe for prolonged use?
Yes, Membrane Polyethersulfone is known for its biocompatibility and safety, making it suitable for extended use in hemodialysis treatments.

Can the Hemodialyzer be used for all types of renal diseases?
The suitability of the Hemodialyzer depends on the specific renal condition. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations based on your medical history.

How is 3D microwave structure beneficial during hemodialysis?
The 3D microwave structure contributes to a smooth inner surface, minimizing the risk of blood clotting and ensuring efficient blood purification.

What steps should be taken if there is a reaction during hemodialysis?
Immediately inform healthcare professionals if any adverse reactions occur during hemodialysis. They are trained to handle emergencies and will take appropriate actions.

Why Choose JINYE’s Hemodialyzer:

Cutting-edge Technology: Our Hemodialyzer integrates advanced features like 3D microwave structure and High Flux technology, ensuring superior performance.
Patient-Centric Design: Tailored fiber dimensions and the D-shape ring prioritize patient comfort and safety during treatments.
Transparent Monitoring: The transparent cap allows healthcare professionals to closely monitor the blood purification process in real time.
Proven Biocompatibility: The use of Membrane Polyethersulfone ensures a safe and biocompatible material for extended hemodialysis sessions.
Reliable Performance: With a commitment to quality and innovation, JINYE’s Hemodialyzer delivers consistent and reliable performance in blood purification.

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