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POP Bandage

The POP Bandage, also known as Plaster of Paris Bandage, is a revolutionary orthopedic casting solution. Primarily composed of a blend of cotton, polyester, and rubber, it is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled support and stability in the immobilization of fractures, sprains, and orthopedic injuries. Its application extends to orthopedic clinics, hospitals, and emergency care settings.

The POP Bandage boasts a unique blend of cotton and plaster of Paris, fortified with polyester and rubber elements. This innovative combination ensures optimal setting time, durability, and flexibility, creating a versatile orthopedic casting bandage.

Application of POP Bandage
The POP Bandage finds its application in orthopedic scenarios, including the casting and immobilization of fractures, sprains, and post-surgical support. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in orthopedic clinics, emergency rooms, and trauma care settings.

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Product Details:

Advantages of POP Bandage:

Rapid Setting Time: The bandage offers a quick setting time, facilitating efficient application and minimizing patient discomfort.
High Conformability: With superior flexibility, the bandage conforms seamlessly to the body’s contours, ensuring a snug and effective fit.
Durable Support: The combination of cotton, polyester, and rubber provides robust support, maintaining stability throughout the healing process.
Breathable Composition: The bandage’s breathable nature prevents skin irritation and allows for adequate ventilation during wear.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for a range of orthopedic conditions, the bandage is adaptable to various body parts and injury types.

POP Bandage

Usage Precautions and Methods:
Skin Inspection: Before application, ensure the skin is dry, clean, and free from any oils or lotions.
Proper Padding: Adequate padding around bony prominences helps prevent pressure sores and discomfort.
Optimal Water Temperature: When activating the plaster, use water at the recommended temperature for optimal setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About POP Bandage:
Can the POP Bandage be applied at home?
The bandage is best applied by trained medical professionals to ensure proper casting.

Is the POP Bandage waterproof?
No, the POP bandage is not waterproof. Avoid exposing it to water to maintain its integrity.

How long does it take to set?
The setting time varies but is typically within 3 to 5 minutes.

Can it be cut for custom sizing?
Yes, the bandage can be cut once set to achieve a customized fit.

Can it be used for post-surgery support?
Yes, the bandage provides effective support during post-surgery recovery.

How to remove the bandage safely?
Consult a healthcare professional for safe and proper removal.

Can it be applied over clothing?
It is recommended to apply the bandage directly onto the skin for optimal adherence.

Is there a specific drying time?
Allow the bandage to dry completely before any weight-bearing or movement.

Can the bandage be reapplied if needed?
Reapplication is typically done by healthcare professionals for optimal results.

Why Choose JINYE’s POP Bandage:

Expert Craftsmanship: JINYE’s POP Bandage is crafted with precision, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.
Innovative Material Blend: The unique combination of cotton, polyester, rubber, and plaster of Paris sets our bandage apart in terms of performance.
Wide Range of Sizes: With various sizes available, our bandage caters to different orthopedic needs, ensuring a customized fit for every patient.
Clinically Proven: Rigorous testing and clinical validation guarantee the bandage’s effectiveness and safety.
Trusted by Professionals: JINYE is a trusted name in the medical industry, and our POP Bandage reflects our commitment to excellence in orthopedic care.

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