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Medical PE Tape

Medical PE Tape is an advanced surgical solution with a microporous structure made of transparent polyethylene. Primarily designed for wound care, it serves as a surgical transparent self-adhesive tape that offers waterproof properties. Its main applications include general wound and dressing fixation, and it can also be utilized for preventing skin abrasions and chapping.

Crafted from microporous polyethylene, the Medical PE Tape is designed with transparency to facilitate natural skin breathing. This advanced adhesive tape ensures low sensitization, making it gentle on the skin. Its soft and comfortable texture leaves no residue after removal, enhancing the overall user experience.

Available in various sizes, the Medical PE Tape comes in dimensions suitable for different medical applications. These dimensions include variations in length, width, and thickness. The tape is transparent, allowing for easy monitoring of the insertion site without the need for removal.

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Product Details:

Application Scenarios and Fields of Medical PE Tape:
The Medical PE Tape is versatile and finds application in various medical scenarios, such as:
Fixation of infusion needles and lines
Wound wrapping and dressing fixation
Hemodialysis tube fixation

Advantages of Medical PE Tape:
a. Microporous Structure: The microporous design supports natural skin breathing, aiding in the healing process.
b. Low Sensitization: Formulated to be gentle on the skin, the tape minimizes the risk of skin irritation or harm.
c. Residue-Free: The soft and comfortable nature of the tape ensures it leaves no residue upon removal.
d. Versatile Applications: Suitable for general wound care, dressing fixation, and preventive use against skin abrasions.
e. Waterproof: The tape’s waterproof properties enhance its durability and reliability in various medical situations.

Usage Guidelines and Instructions for Medical PE Tape:
Ensure the skin is clean, sterile, and dry before applying the tape.
For reliable dressing fixation, ensure that one side of the tape covers the entire dressing by more than 2.5CM to adhere securely to the skin.
After application, press back and forth to maximize adhesive effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Medical PE Tape:
a. Q: Can the medical PE tape be applied directly to wounds?
A: Strictly avoid direct application to wounds on the skin; use it for dressing fixation.

b. Q: Is it suitable for individuals with skin allergies?
A: Yes, the medical pe tape is hypoallergenic, but individuals with skin allergies should consult their doctor.

c. Q: How to ensure optimal adhesion?
A: Clean, sterile, and dry skin is essential before applying the medical pe tape; press firmly after application for the best adhesive effect.

d. Q: Can it be used for infusion line fixation?
A: Yes, the medical PE tape is designed for secure fixation of infusion needles and lines.

e. Q: Is it suitable for wound wrapping?
A: Absolutely, it is designed for wrapping wounds and fixing dressings securely.

f. Q: Can it be used for Hemodialysis tube fixation?
A: Yes, the medical PE tape is suitable for securing Hemodialysis tubes in place.

g. Q: Does it leave any residue after removal?
A: No, the medical PE tape is formulated to leave no residue, providing a clean removal process.

h. Q: Can it be used for post-surgery care?
A: Yes, it is ideal for post-surgery dressing fixation.

i. Q: How is it different from regular surgical tape?
A: The microporous structure allows natural skin breathing, making it ideal for extended use.

j. Q: Can it be used in pediatric care?
A: Yes, the medical pe tape is suitable for patients of all ages.

Why Choose JINYE’s Medical PE Tape:
a. Microporous Excellence: JINYE’s Medical PE Tape stands out with its microporous structure, promoting optimal healing conditions.
b. Skin-Friendly Formulation: Crafted to be low-sensitizing, the tape prioritizes patient comfort and safety.
c. Residue-Free Assurance: JINYE guarantees a residue-free experience, ensuring a clean removal process.
d. Versatility in Applications: From wound care to infusion line fixation, the tape’s versatility suits various medical needs.
e. Waterproof Reliability: JINYE’s commitment to quality includes the tape’s waterproof properties, enhancing its durability in diverse medical situations.

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