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PBT Bandage

The PBT Bandage, a versatile medical textile, is a blend of 65% cotton and 20% polyester, designed for various applications in medical emergencies and first aid activities. With its elastic properties and customizable options, it plays a crucial role in creating pressure to control bleeding.

Crafted from a unique blend of 65% cotton and 20% polyester, our PBT Bandages combine the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester, providing optimal elasticity and conformability for effective usage.

Available in lengths of 4M, 4.5M, and 5M, and widths of 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, and 15cm, our PBT Bandages offer flexibility for various applications. The bandages come with or without clips, and the elastic band clips or metal clips provide secure closure. These bandages are thoughtfully packaged to preserve their integrity.

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Product Details:

Application of PBT Bandage:
PBT Bandages are indispensable in medical and emergency scenarios, serving as a primary tool in first-aid activities. Their ability to create significant pressure makes them particularly effective in controlling bleeding and providing support for injured areas.

Advantages of PBT Bandage:
a. Elasticity: The unique blend of materials offers optimal elasticity for a snug and secure fit.
b. Conforming Nature: Conforms to body contours, providing effective pressure and support.
c. Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from wound dressing to immobilization.
d. Customization: Available in multiple sizes and with or without clips for tailored use.
e. Pressure Application: Creates substantial pressure, aiding in the rapid control of bleeding.

Usage Guidelines and Instructions:
When using PBT Bandages:
Ensure the affected area is clean and dry before application.
Choose the appropriate size and width to adequately cover and compress the wound.
For optimal pressure, apply the bandage with even tension.
If bleeding persists or the injury is severe, seek professional medical assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About PBT Bandage:
a. Q: Can PBT Bandages be used for minor injuries at home?
A: Absolutely, they are versatile and suitable for various wound care scenarios.

b. Q: What is the significance of elastic band clips or metal clips?
A: These clips provide a secure closure, ensuring the bandage stays in place during use.

c. Q: Are PBT Bandages reusable?
A: No, for hygiene reasons, it is recommended to use them as single-use only.

d. Q: Can they be used for immobilization?
A: Yes, their elasticity makes them suitable for providing support in cases of minor sprains or strains.

e. Q: How do I clean the bandage if it becomes soiled?
A: It is recommended to dispose of soiled bandages properly and use a new, sterile one.

f. Q: Are PBT Bandages suitable for pediatric use?
A: Yes, they are safe for use on children, ensuring effective wound care.

g. Q: Can these bandages be used for head injuries?
A: It is recommended to consult a medical professional for head injuries, as specialized bandages may be needed.

h. Q: What is the shelf life of PBT Bandages?
A: Typically, they have a shelf life of two to three years when stored properly.

i. Q: Can PBT Bandages be applied without prior medical training?
A: Yes, they come with clear instructions for easy and effective application.

j. Q: Are these bandages suitable for use in sports injuries?
A: Absolutely, their versatility makes them effective for various minor sports-related injuries.

Why Choose JINYE’s PBT Bandage:
a. Quality Assurance: Our PBT Bandages undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring reliability in critical situations.
b. Wide Range of Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to cater to diverse medical needs.
c. Innovation in Closure Options: Choose from bandages with elastic band clips or metal clips for added convenience.
d. Expertise in Emergency Supplies: JINYE is a trusted name with extensive experience in providing top-notch emergency medical supplies.
e. Responsive Customer Support: Our customer support team is dedicated to addressing your inquiries and ensuring your satisfaction.

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